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Annie Wenz: Home


 " A Soul Riding on the Wind!"

 "A lust for life, an inspiration...a constant flow of energy like rapids down the Colorado" 'Musical MAGIC! Touches the Human Spirit!"

"Explores life’s triumphs,tragedies,musings, mysteries & the untamed hearts of wild women"

"Yin & Yang...a biker who's into spirituality, a hard rocking blues singer who plays native flutes, a rough hewn troubaduor who's first in the drum circle... the enigmatic Annie Wenz..."

"A gifted diva and multi instrumentalist blessed with a crystalline voice, a keen ear for melody, an uncanny feel for rhythm & a strong sense of social justice!

"From passionate heart-string tugging story songs to road rockin biker tunes, multicultural percussion & grooves to Native Flute Magic!... Annie does it ALL!"