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Annie Wenz: Links

Download Annie's New "Ride" Song!

CD Baby~ Annie's "Ride" Song!~ ONLY .99
Buy Annie's New Hit Single! Quintessential Biker Anthem! An Ode to the Open Road. A Must for Bikers, Dreamers, Rockers & Road Dogs! Featuring Annie & Walter Parks (Richie Havens accompanist) Produced by Ben Wish ('Walkin In Memphis')

Download Annie's CD's- Quick/Easy/ONLY $9.99 each!

Digitally Download Annie's NEWEST CD "Winds Of The World"!
Simple! Just click & beam to Apple iTunes where you simply download the whole CD for just $9.99!
Digitally Download Annie's CD "Poet's Dance"
Thought I'd make it easy for you! Just click here- It jumps you to Apple iTunes which gives simple click/download ability! (AND it's only $9.99!
Digitally Download Annie's CD "Time Is Magic"
Thought I'd make it easy for you! Just click here- It jumps you to Apple iTunes which gives simple click/download ability! (AND it's only $9.99!


Shenandoah Harley-Davidson

My buddy Biker Bobb Ladd ("Shephard of the Hills!") built his dream biz... a Harley dealership in Staunton, VA, right on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Definitely worth a stop & shop & visit. They've got numerous events (some with music!), so plan to pop in if you're in the area!(& Bob & his staff are GREAT PEOPLE!)

Long Distance Rider

Biker Bruce has put together all sorts of very cool info & links about long distance riding, biking rights, bike music, & ... well check it out yourself!

Motorcycle Maps

Great site for maps specific to bikers. YAY!

WAAAAY Cool Slides for Guitar!

Rocky Mountain Slides
WaaaaaaaY Cool Guitar Slides! These are THE BEST slides I've ever heard/seen/played. Made by Doc the Wizard. A Must for any slide or wannabe slide player!

Custom Guitars

Brad Nickerson~ Custom Guitars
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE my Nickerson Guitar! If you're looking for one of the best instruments on the planet, Brad's your man!

Fun For Foodies

1000 Oaks Barrels

I LOVE these Barrels!

I bought one after being gifted with a friend's family passed down ancient wine vinegar.

I added some of the "mother" & now have my own supply going.


I read you can use one to age Tequila, Bourbon... whatever


Amazing Photography!

Richard Sheinwald Photography
Richard takes some of the most AMAZING people photos on the planet. (I have been fortunate to have a few photos of moi on his site- HOW COOL IS THAT!
Robert Corwin- Photographer
Robert's work is legendary! Documented at the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress, I've been honored to have him photograph the cover of my "Poets Dance" CD, as well as many of my press photos & some of the photos on this site. He's GREAT!

Places to go~ Things to do

Valle Campanas Cabins in Monteverde Costa Rica
This family owned jewel is minutes from Santa Elena~ next to Monteverde Cloud Forest! You are surrounded by a working coffee, sugar cane, banana farm & nursery which raises butterflies for the preserve! It is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!
World Within Sea Kayaking
My absolute FAVORITE outdoor adventure company! They give amazing tours in Wells Maine- see seals, birds, take lessons, just go ahhhhhh!
Snorkel & Sail in Mexico with Captain Robert Apgar
Looking for something fun to do on the beautiful island of Isla Mujeres, Mexico... Ask Robert!
Oakhill Alpaca Ranch
Owned/operated by Donna & Bob Ferrera in Shapleigh Maine, this is just a fun place to bring your friends & family! 207-793-3414

Guitar Strings

Elixir Guitar Strings
I am so incredibly fortunate to be sponsored by Elixir! I just love these strings both live & for recording...AND they last FOREVER- they're the only strings I'd even consider using in humid climates as well... so check them out!

Native American Flutes

Island Flutes
I can't say enough about these absolutely stunning flutes or about my dear friend & flute wizard Ray Wood! If you know ANYONE interested in Native flutes, look no more! Questions- email me!

Great Authors!

Author Robert N. Macomber
This is the site of my good buddy, award winning Civil War Maritine Historical Author Bob Macomber... His books about character Peter Wake are GREAT!!!

Music Organizations

German-American Song Festival on Tour
The DAFT Tour, one of the musical highlights of Annie's life took place in Germany in the fall of 2005! If you're in the vicinity of ANY DAFT concert... treat yourself to bliss!
North American Folk Music & Dance Alliance
A great organization who's mission is to promote folk/roots music! So much information- such a community!
This site/organization started by Alan Rowoth has links to listserves that EVERY ARTIST interested in hitting the acoustic scene should subscribe to.