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"RIDE" song/ 100 mile relay - September 3, 2009

Hello Y'All

I finally sent my song "RIDE", stunningly produced by grammy winning engineer/producer Ben Wisch ("Walkin in Memphis") to CD Baby so that it will be easily/securely available for download as a single. I'm told it will be up any day now. I'll let you know the minute I hear. Many Thanks for your support & encouragement!
That which takes time endures!

In the meantime... tomorrow, Fri Sept 4th, I'm off to do the annual 100 mile spiritual relay with my Penobscot Indian friends. We'll run from Indian Island to Mt Katahdin, ME which is the Penobscot's sacred mountain. It's a very special honor to be part of this journey. I always arrive with questions & return with answers & a full heart. (& aching knees!)

I'll be there hoping to fill my basket with wisdom... Wish me well... I'll say a few for all of you... I think we all need it.


Giving~ Foodbanks/Troops - December 24, 2008

Hello Friends

I just wanted to share this... I'm on the Obama mailing list... & this note from Michelle just came in... Definitely worth passing on to those in our bubbles.

Wishing you ALL Much Joy & Peace


This holiday season, the grassroots movement you helped build can make a big difference for those in need.

I hope you will join me in supporting your favorite charity or contributing to causes that are especially meaningful to me and my family.

While many of us will spend the holidays counting our blessings and sharing dinner with loved ones, millions of people around the country won't be so fortunate.
Donating to your local food bank will help provide a holiday meal to people in your community who can't afford one.

Talking with the families of deployed troops was one of the most rewarding experiences I had during the campaign.
Giving to Operation USO Care Package is a great way to send members of our military stationed around the world a reminder that someone back home is thinking of them.

This is a time to celebrate our blessings, the new year, and a new era for our country. But it's also a time to come together on behalf of those who need our help.

Do what you can to help today by locating your local food bank and giving your support:
Or send a care package to an American in uniform:
Thank you for all that you do and have a very happy holiday season,


Wandering Gypsy- Holiday Greetings & Update & Wishes for Joy/Peace/Love - December 21, 2008

For those of you who don't get my mailing... Here's my Wandering Gypsy Occasional...

If you 'd like to sign up for the list, you can go to
and fill in your email address at the bottom where it says "join Annies mailing list." I Promise, I send it quite infrequently... maybe 6x per year (I know- I'm BAD)

Hello Very Shiny Beautiful People from Near & Far!

I write this as I Celebrate & Give Thanks for another year of Life &
Family & Friendship & Art & the Many Paths of Our Wandering Journeys.

It's been a year bursting with Roller Coaster Emotion!

I've learned to Honor it All... As I've learned that for as much as
the cup filled with Joy & Light Gifts us with certain lessons, so does
the path filled with pain & imperfection.

We are all part of a huge intertwined Circle, an ebb & flow.

As my dear soul sister/friend playwrite/actor Julie Portman breathes
her last breaths, we her friends & community are watching this circle
of life & death & soul in all of its fullness & grace.

It makes me reflect on how Simple everything really is in the end...
and that makes me adjust my life accordingly. What's Really
Important??? And that always seems to boil down to moments with family
& friends & community.

Simply finding those moments of Joy. "Living in my Boots" as I
say... Not wishing for any moments other than those at my feet and
searching for the bits of good in those moments...

Sure, sometimes it's incredibly difficult...but I'm learning that
struggles are part of the Journey and each struggle seems to leave me
with Something that makes me able to pass some torch which needed to
be passed to me... to Others...

As to the World & Peace, I am receiving calls & letters about Hope
for the future from my friends in the US as well as my dear friends in
India & Pakistan. There are many more of us alike than not, and there
are many more of us working towards Peace than not. I Believe. I
Believe. Please let us All keep walking together...

& speaking of that... My friend & musical brother Salman Ahmad (some
of you remember Salman performing with me at Philly folk Fest) was
part of this AMAZING Peace celebration with Melissa Etheridge & Deepak
Chopra today... Just another of the many ways we can get involved!
I know we can all find ways to Pass the Torch of Peace!

My dear friend Dr Batool Kazim & I are working towards finding grants
to bring us back to Pakistan & India to share our music & wellness
inspired educational programs... If any of you know of any special
grants... we'd love to hear about it! (Batool is the psychiatrist who
brought me to Pakistan after the earthquake. She's part of Harvard's
Multicultural Task force & is a fireball of ideas & energy! She has
family in both India & Pakistan)

So My Friends...
Thank You for another Year of Love, Support & Inspiration.
I know I am not alone and that I am Incredibly Blessed!

And now on with the scoop



TUESDAY DECEMBER 23- 6- 9:30pm
Celebrate the end of 2008
13771 Waterfront Drive Pineland FL 239 283 3999 (Please call for
reservations if you to have some of their luscious food!)

In these economic hard times, I'm REALLY trying hard to drum up a
crowd for this last show of the year. The wonderful folks/servers who
work at the Tarpon would SURE APPRECIATE & SURE DESERVE IT! So Please
do what you can to help fill the place for them... They have light
pub fare as well as a luscious full blown 4 star dinner.

Saturday, December 27th
LA TAVERNA - Santa Elena/Monteverde , Costa Rica

YAAAAY! I'll be sitting in with my buddies "Chanchos de Monte" at
this very hip Costa Rican venue! (We promise to shake the walls!)


Wednesday, December 31st
3RD ANNUAL New Years Concert / BASH-A-RAMA/Beatles Tribute!
Santa Elena/Monteverde - Costa Rica

It is my SUPREME HONOR to join up as guest artist with THE Best Band
in Costa Rica ~ Los Chanchos de Monte! (Led by our fearless &
incredibly Talented whip cracker Robert Dean. The entire local
community PLUS travelers/visitors turn out for the celebration! Last
year we had an entire string section as well as a full blown rock
band! Standing room only. It was BLISS!

If you know anyone spending the holidays in Costa Rica, make sure
they're aware of this show in the cloud forest region-
Monteverde/Santa Elena.

(FYI- Robert isn't just known for his band "Japan" & for his work
with Sineaid O'Connor, he's also the artist/painter behind the
acclaimed "Bird Book of Costa Rica"- Cornell Press!)


FUNKY "MOON SHIVA" in early Jan. & will post that date to my website
as soon as I get word, so stay tuned.

13771 Waterfront Drive Pineland FL 239 283 3999 (Please call for
dinner reservations)

If you miss this Tuesday's show... Hey- You can come in January.



WILDCHILD GALLERY- 4625 Pine Island Road, Matlacha FL 239 283 6006

Price: Workshop $45/ Workshop & Flute $95


Learn simple techniques and secrets to playing beautifully & caring
for a Bamboo or Wooden or Native American Flute.

Bring your own Flute or consider purchasing a flute by our Artist Ray
Wood. Maybe you have one & never played it, or you've always wanted to
Give yourself or someone you love the gift of peaceful music.


WILDCHILD GALLERY- 4625 Pine Island Road, Matlacha FL 239 283 6006

Percussion/Hand Drumming Workshop!

Workshop $45!

For anyone who'd like to learn more about the art of drumming &
percussion ... from simple individual rhythms & drumming/percussion
techniques to playing in a group and creating you own poly rhythms.
I will lead a hands (& feet) on workshop using shakers, claves,
brushes, drums, & found objects... (just like "Stomp!")
Bring your own "whatever" or use something from my bag of tricks.
For adults or mature young people... Also GREAT for teachers!



Folks ALWAYS love the gift of music...
We the artists ALWAYS appreciate it when you share our Art & enable
us to keep doing what we do...

CD Baby, my online distribution gurus have a HUGE assortment of music
of all types. Please check them out!

As always, my 3 CD's can be purchased:
* Via my website : where there are links to CD Baby for purchase of the actual CD

*or for INSTANT GRATIFICATION! It's SO EASY! (I even tried it
Digital Download via iTunes- Quick/easy/cheap~

If you live in SW Florida, you can purchase the CDs at:

*WildChild Gallery on Pine Island Road, Matlacha, FL

*Pine Island Variety & Gift Store on Stringfellow Rd,
St James City, FL

*At Ada's Natural & Organic Foods~ S. Cleveland Ave. Ft Myers, FL

A brief info-a-rama about the CD's...

"Winds of the World"~ All instrumental w/ Indigenous/Native flutes
each song, 60 min long peaceful journey to nirvana type recording.
Folks are saying they love using it for massage, yoga, dinner,

"Poets Dance"~ "A Magical Musical Travelogue" songs about life,
travel to far off places like Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, Bali &
Saskatoon Skies". I call this my "Story CD".

"Time is Magic" ~ Full on band production, produced by Grammy
producer Norman Blain. With Annie Burns, Brooks Williams, Duke
Levine, Glen Velez!



There are SO MANY ways to Give...

- SHOP LOCAL! (if you can- where it makes sense)

We in SW Florida are feeling a HUGE crunch... & I know each & every
one of You all has also been affected by the world economy... so I ask
that all of us be mindful of your local artists & business owners...
Shopping local saves gas/energy and connects us with our communities.

There are SO MANY in need organizations. Think about donating a gift
or service to your local shelter for the holidays. You can even do it
in someone else's name!

- KINDNESS- Promise a day of unconditional Kindness to someone you
love, or to those you don't know!

- MUSIC FESTIVALS!- There are SO MANY wonderful music events &
festivals out there... think about giving the gift of festival!


4- TATA's

Well... It's that time...

Once again...

I Wish You All Joy & Love & Peace
In Every One of it's Many Colors & Shapes

With Much Gratitude...

Peace, Pura Vida, Oneh, Namaste, Assalam-O- Alaikum,Nasdorovia,

Tonite's Election - November 4, 2008

I sit here moving between tears & holding my breath.
Waiting to kiss the ground.
My friend John even brought me knee pads!


More later

My response to anti-Obama email - October 23, 2008

A few folks on my mailing list have sent me nasty anti- Obama bits of mail.

I tried to agree to disagree... but after it escalated, I replied...

hi jim

please remove me from you anti obama mail list

i am getting disgusted, angry & frightened by the republican party working harder & harder to convince the american people that senator obama is:

a terrorist
a muslim
a muslim terrorist
an incompetant
an evil man
the antichrist

on & on & on & on

colon powell spoke passionately of the same concerns
many republicans are disgusted as well
is this the new way to win an election???
by stealing it... by lying & cheating & promoting hate & racism???

30 cars at an obama ralley had tires slashed

i personally know of 3 people who were chased for having obama bumper stickers on their car. "nigger lover" was hatefully screamed at them.

voicemails were left at a voter registration office stating:
“Hi, I was just calling to let you all know that Barack Obama needs to get hung. He's a f***ing n****er, and he's a piece of s***t. You guys are fraudulent, and you need to go to hell. All the n***ers on oak trees. They're gonna get all hung honeys, they're gonna get assassinated, they're gonna get killed.”

SHAME on those who resort to hate
or those who side with those who do
or do nothing to stop the hate

this is not how jesus would act
or ANY person claiming to be kind, fair, religious

& it sickens me

so please please
remove me

you bet i'm angry
i work for peace
& this type of hate has nothing to do with peace or kindness


Wandering Gypsy Update~ Oct 21, 2008 - October 21, 2008

Hello Lovelies!

As Y'All know I usually send a lengthy note... but since I'm on the
road & am up to my eyeballs in pounding the pavement for Obama, I'll
be more brief than usual.

First & Foremost~ I URGE you all to VOTE (& if possible volunteer
where you can so we can help take our country back!)
I just spent last Saturday going door to door with my brother in law
Dennis O'Dell, head of health & safety for "United Mine Workers of
America" & was INCREDIBLY moved by how hard the folks from UMWA are
working to help elect Barack Obama, since they believe he will make
mines safer, work for cleaner coal technology & he will also help put
our "going to hell in a backhoe" economy back on track. There IS HOPE,
but we can not sit back. So PLEASE VOTE & tell your friends!


Always check to be sure there haven't been last minute changes.

Thurs. Oct 23- Sun Oct 26- THIS VERY WEEKEND!
Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park - Magfest 2008!
Live Oak, FL
I just LOVE this festival. It gets better & better each year...
Featuring THE best artists in the country. A MUST on festival list.

Tuesday, October 28th, 6:30pm
Tarpon Lodge- Pineland FL 239 283 3999
SUCH a wonderful place to unwind, listen to music, eat GREAT FOOD &
watch the sunset... Please spread the word & bring a friend! (call for
dinner reservations) Both full & pub menu served. Hey- Think about
staying in one of their romantic rooms & celebrating life, your
anniversary, or a birthday. (Surprise your sweetie!)

Thursday Nov. 20th 6pm
Tarpon Lodge- Pineland, FL 239 283 3999
See above

Saturday, December 6th 8pm
LUNA STAR CAFE- 775 Northeast 125th Street,
North Miami, Florida, 305·799·7123. Info- This is SUCH a fun VENUE!!!
Please come down & spread the word!
(I'll be LONELY all alone!)


As always, my recordings are available at my website.
You can either buy the CD or download it for instant gratification.

OR If you live in SW Florida, you can purchase the CD at:

*WildChild Gallery on Pine Island Road, Matlacha, FL

*Pine Island Variety & Gift Store on Stringfellow Rd,
St James City, FL

*At Ada's Natural & Organic Foods~ S. Cleveland Ave. Ft Myers, FL

Folks often give my instrumental CD as a gift (& I'm incredibly

Thanks to your encouragement, I am currently in the process of making
my therapeutic recording "Peaceful Waters" ready for release in CD &
digital format.
(It includes me talking you through 25 min. of guided
imagery/stretching exercises to flute music, followed by 25 min of
instrumental music)
It won't be long, so stay tuned.


Last of all, with the Florida economy bottoming out... I urge you all
to do all you can to support you local businesses, especially
music/arts venues! I do as much business as possible on the small
islands in my bubble because their very survival depends on it!


Soooooo... that's all for now...
Much to do...

Now please go VOTE VOTE VOTE!
(& IF after checking your completed ballot, you find any problems
with your voting machines or any aspect of your voting process, tell
the folks at the polls & call the US Justice phone # :

Wishing you all Joy, Music, & HOPE HOPE HOPE


Making a Difference Through Music - September 19, 2008

Hello Beautiful Peeps

A few weeks ago I sent a note to some music listserves urging artists to consider getting involved in the upcoming election. It was followed by a series of very interesting postings in music world...

Here's my follow up... thoughts about when to get involved & what to consider IMHO.

hello y'all
busy week... i'm finally able to write after reading all of the great thoughts shared privately & publicly...

because i have the honor of both performing & teaching political songwriting, i've really tried to articulate the many aspects of the issue... so many variables imho. (so it's lengthy- so feel free to delete)
1st- the songs... (obviously i'm just choosing a wee microfew)

*those which clearly make a statement about a controversial issue in a serious way:
anti war- phil ochs "i ain't marching anymore"
pete seeger's "bring them home"

*making a statement in a cynical "in your face" manner:
anti bush- my "vote him gone" song (written before our last election)
anne feeney- "teenage immigrant welfare mothers on drugs"

*songs about issues most all people will agree with:
paul kamm & eleanore macdonald's "calling on love"
pat humphries "swimming to the other side"
steve seskin's "don't laugh at me" (anti bullying)
amy carol webb's "i come from women"

*disturbing songs about issues people will agree with, but they may be difficult to hear:
domestic violence- suzanne vega's "my name is luka"
my song "little white lies" (about my own 8 month pregnant grandmother's abuse)

*rallying songs like "we shall overcome"

& there are songs about controversial issues which just put you in another's shoes to think:
andrew mcknights "these shoes" my "vietnam" song which (i'm honored) gets kudos from both those who protested & those who went. i actually performed it at the kennedy center one veterans day.

on & on & on... you get my point... many ways to skin a tofu cat;)


2nd- the mission:
*am i trying to rally the converted to help spread the word? yes- sometimes 1 person speaking out can just push those who were complacent to get more involved... & numbers sure matter!
you can do this by pushing their anger buttons, their sympathy buttons, their solidarity buttons...

when i teach, i do point out- when an artist sings songs on the "in your face- controversial" pile, they make choices. you may totally lose some fans... but you may chose to sacrifice the few to gain other strong supporters. so you may opt either way... i carefully consider that particular audience & venue (see below)

pete seeger's "bring them home" clearly steers some people away, but the passionate fans they win by making those commitments may be worth it to them. my other artist friends paul kamm & eleanore macdonald, rod macdonald, sonia, freebo, elen bukstel, & ronnie cox... (on & on) clearly make committed political statements in their music, conversation & newsletters, but again their strong fans applaud them =0 Afor it & are even more loyal.

*as to the "disturbing song" category. i choose them very prudently, place them carefully in a set when i do sing them & play something more gentle afterwards.

*on the other hand, sometimes i'm just trying to show those who are clearly of different opinion that "folks like me" aren't so bad but we can work together. (i think i finally worked with my parents;) i attempt to make my life & art an example of standing by my principles in hopes that good will come. i also try to deliver the message that if we get involved even if by being honest & kind & trying to find common ground, we may be better able to coexist.

*sometimes i just try to open some eyes by little things i say "i have a really kind/wonderful/talented son who happens to be 1/2 puerto rican... when i wrote this song, i was thinking about him telling me how hurt he was when people crossed the street to avoid him at night."

*since my audiences often cross cultural boundaries, i often say "if we of different backgrounds can sit & share music together in this room, we can in life as well" ( "spirit wing" are wonderful with this!)

*sometimes just coming from healing & comforting (post 9/11) can do more to create dialog that creates change.

last of all & equally as important, as ca rla, jack & chuck pointed out, always consider the venue & audience.

* i choose "songs & mission" from all of my writing above accordingly

*with conservative audiences, i am mindfully respectful. they're coming to hear me, so i prefer to meet them in the places where we probably see eye to eye. (i'm not going to sing "vote him gone".)
i may say & sing something about honoring our diversity or some struggle we all have in life...
i may talk about my visit to pakistan & how 99% of the people i met when i went were are loving kind struggling families just like ours...

*with all audiences i've been known to try to make a difference by things like mentioning "this amazing book i read called 'one heart' which takes the major religions theme by theme (thou shall not kill, honor thy neighbor... yadayada) & lists almost the same the quotes from each religion... see we really all do want the same thing! (& yea, there are those few wacky extremists who really don't represent any of the religions!)
& maybe then i'll joke and sing my song about being brought up catholic (most everyone can relate to "religious guilt" & everyone loves singing "hallelujah, we're going straight to hell"
it's all a delicate & mindful but fun dance if done right.

*with rally audiences (& those who are clearly 99% "the choir") , i d o let go at the risk of offending 1 or 2 people, believing the outcome is worth it. i feel the purpose of a rally is to shake the numbers & people out. hell... if i truly feel our country is going to hell in a backhoe, i personally can't sit back & watch & i'm ok with being labeled as a political artist of a particular side... it's a choice i personally make.

all in all, i truly respect & applaud artists who make mindful choices as to how & when to sing particular songs.
because yes- being too "in your face" at times can do way more damage.

so... for this particular election... i will tread cautiously... but i WILL tread... choosing VERY mindfully from all of the above. i do believe the choices made in this particular election have HUGE HUGE ramifications.

bottom line... (& i guess this applies to my life more than in concert) love it or hate it, it's a blessing & a curse, it's just the way i am... i just can't sit back & keep my mouth shut
& i often call people on their s***
(like tim mason's piece... "man... that joke just ain't funny!!!")

when i hear someone saying something like "i just can't vote for a black man"
i say... "oh you mean like my two brilliant, kind, innocent half black grandchildren... that's SO damn SAD"
or... i'm really equally as obnoxious as they are,20& i say "damn- that's a racist thing to say"

as to mrs palin. feel free to read my song in progress/footer line below;) i also posted what i believe to be the most poignant piece about that situation at the news part of my website<> written by eve ensler, the woman who wrote "the vagina monologues" (referred to as "the hoo hoo monologues" by types who try to ban certain library books"

with respect & much HOPE (& quotes of popeye "iyam what iyam")

Election 2008- Eve Ensler on Sarah Palin - September 19, 2008

Hello Y'All,

I believe this to be the most poignant piece yet written about our upcoming election. Please share!

Many Thanks

Eve Ensler, the American playwright, performer, feminist and activist best known for 'The Vagina Monologues', wrote the following about Sarah Palin:

Drill, Drill, Drill
I am having Sarah Palin nightmares. I dreamt last night that she was a member of a club where they rode snowmobiles and wore the claws of drowned and starved polar bears around their necks. I have a particular thing for Polar Bears. Maybe it's their snowy whiteness or their bigness or the fact that they live in the arctic or that I have never seen one in person or touched one. Maybe it is the fact that they live so comfortably on ice. Whatever it is, I need the polar bears.

I don't like raging at women. I am a Feminist and have spent my life trying to build community, help empower women and stop violence against them. It is hard to write about Sarah Palin. This is why the Sarah Palin choice was all the more insidious and cynical. The people who made this choice count on the goodness and solidarity of Feminists.

But everything Sarah Palin believes in and practices is antithetical to Feminism which for me is part of one story -- connected to saving the earth, ending racism, empowering women, giving young girls options, opening our minds, deepening tolerance, and ending violence and war.

I believe that the McCain/Palin ticket is one of the most dangerous choices of my lifetime, and should this country chose those candidates the fall-out may be so great, the destruction so vast in so many areas that America may never recover. But what is equally disturbing is the impact that duo would have on the rest of the world. Unfortunately, this is not a joke. In my lifetime I have seen the clownish, the inept, the bizarre be elected to the presidency with regularity.

Sarah Palin does not believe in evolution. I take this as a metaphor. In her world and the world of Fundamentalists nothing changes or gets better or evolves. She does not believe in global warming. The melting of the arctic, the storms that are destroying our cities, the pollution and rise of cancers, are all part of God's plan. She is fighting to take the polar bears off the endangered species list. The earth, in Palin's view, is here to be taken and plundered. The wolves and the bears are here to be shot and plundered. The oil is here to be taken and plundered. Iraq is here to be taken and plundered. As she said herself of the Iraqi war, 'It was a task from God.'

Sarah Palin does not believe in abortion. She does not believe women who are raped and incested and ripped open against their will should have a right to determine whether they have their rapist's baby or not.

She obviously does not believe in sex education or birth control. I imagine her daughter was practicing abstinence and we know how many babies that makes.

Sarah Palin does not much believe in thinking. From what I gather she has tried to ban books from the library, has a tendency to dispense with people who think independently. She cannot tolerate an environment of ambiguity and difference. This is a woman who could and might very well be the next president of the United States. She would govern one of the most diverse populations on the earth.

Sarah believes in guns. She has her own custom Austrian hunting rifle. She has been known to kill 40 caribou at a clip. She has shot hundreds of wolves from the air.

Sarah believes in God. That is of course her right, her private right. But when God and Guns come together in the public sector, when war is declared in God's name, when the rights of women are denied in his name, that is the end of separation of church and state and the undoing of everything America has ever tried to be.

I write to my sisters. I write because I believe we hold this election in our hands. This vote is a vote that will determine the future not just of the U.S., but of the planet. It will determine whether we create policies to save the earth or make it forever uninhabitable for humans. It will determine whether we move towards dialogue and diplomacy in the world or whether we escalate violence through invasion, undermining and attack. It will determine whether we go for oil, strip mining, coal burning or invest our money in alternatives that will free us from dependency and destruction. It will determine if money gets spent on education and healthcare or whether we build more and more methods of killing. It will determine whether America is a free open tolerant society or a closed place of fear, fundamentalism and aggression.

If the Polar Bears don't move you to go and do everything in your power to get Obama elected then consider the chant that filled the hall after Palin spoke at the RNC, 'Drill Drill Drill.' I think of teeth when I think of drills. I think of rape. I think of destruction. I think of domination. I think of military exercises that force mindless repetition, emptying the brain of analysis, doubt, ambiguity or dissent. I think of pain.

Do we want a future of drilling? More holes in the ozone, in the floor of the sea, more holes in our thinking, in the trust between nations and peoples, more holes in the fabric of this precious thing we call life?

Eve Ensler
September 5, 2008

Annie in Mud - August 16, 2008

hey kids
just checking in from the mudfest in lyons colorado (near denver)

i'm well & alive with mud up to my butt

song school was amazing
i taught all week & also learned tons from other amazing instructors while i wasn't teaching

took a private vocal lesson w/ wynona judd's vocal coach, the brilliant ron browning. changed my vocal life!

in the temp where my tent is next to the river, it dipped into the mid 40's last nite,
so i had a smarmy fling with my hot water filled stainless steel water bottle.
the 2nd best thing to.......

i'm now at a net cafe in downtown lyons (phone is charging in festival office)
after walking a mile to the laundromat to dry dirty laundry
(notice i didn't even wash it- it's "why bother" weather)

rain still pouring
they're calling this year "mudfest 2008"
but the dirty clothes left on my back are dry

i even have a clean shirt to wear for my concert at 4!
so life is damn decent
& the laundromat sceene was a freaking party

the little bliss buds in life;)

joy to all

Waaaaaaaay Overdue Wandering Gypsy Update! - May 4, 2008

Hello Very Beautifuls!

Happy Belated Spring/Almost Mayday...
I hope this time finds you all full of Hope & Joy & Green...
The usual apologies... I know I've been remiss. Again.
(I am shuffling my feet & my eyes are downcast)
I know y'all just love a gazillion emails constantly updating every
wee bit of whatever;)

I do hope Y'All have been enjoying life's little curveballs &
pitching in spreading the bliss of random acts of anonymous kindness
just cause giving is good.

It's been a whir for me between gigs & visitors from the North & the
New Years Concert in Costa Rica (WHICH TOTALLY ROCKED & we're already
planning next year!) & recording & attempting to place some of my
songs & politics & fundraisers & Florida termites & last of all I was
chosen to be on a jury for 3 weeks. (more about all this in News

But I have some REALLY fun performances & workshops coming up
(I do hope some of Y'All can join me!)
& that's what Y'All have been asking me...





THANKS to XM Radio Personality/Diva Mary Sue Twohy, my music has been
in regular play on satellite radio!!! It's been SO EXCITING to get
emails from friends all over the country telling me they heard my
music on XM! That brings more folks to downloading or buying the songs
or CD & that means it'll be sooner that I can do another recording.

So, if it moves you, you can rock my world by simply clicking on this
link & requesting a song from my "POETS DANCE" CD.
I also sent "TIME IS MAGIC" & am waiting to hear if that's moved onto
their shelves. I'll let you know if/when that's also available for
request on XM.

My all instrumental recording "WINDS OF THE WORLD" is still doing
great & being used by massage & yoga folks, wellness, health
practitioners as well as being played for mellow background music for
all sorts of interesting spaces. So if you're looking for that
"special relaxing music", please think of me!

CD's can be purchased...
* Via my website : where there are links to CD Baby for purchase of the actual CD

*or for just Digital Download via iTunes- Quick/easy/cheap~ ONLY
If you live in SW Florida, you can purchase the CD at:

*WildChild Gallery on Pine Island Road, Matlacha, FL

*Pine Island Variety & Gift Store on Stringfellow Rd,
St James City, FL

*At Ada's Natural & Organic Foods~ S. Cleveland Ave. Ft Myers, FL

A brief info-a-rama about the CD's...

"Winds of the World"~ All instrumental w/ Indigenous/Native flutes on
each song, 60 min long peaceful journey to nirvana type recording.
Folks are saying they love using it for massage, yoga, dinner,

"Poets Dance"~ "A Magical Musical Travelogue" songs about life, love,
travel to far off places like Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, Bali &
Saskatoon Skies". I call this my "Story CD".

"Time is Magic" ~ Full on band production, produced by Grammy winning
producer Norman Blain. With Annie Burns, Brooks Williams, Duke
Levine, Glen Velez!

2~ CONCERTS & Special Workshops~

Of course I'm always available & delighted to personalize/sign CD's
at performances... Just ask me!

There are always additions to my schedule, so you can always check
this link for updates.
Sunday, May 4th
Wildchild Gallery 1-4pm
Michael Mahan's Musical Birthday-A-Rama!
4625 Pine Island Road NW Matlacha FL
239 283 6006
Price: Free (Donations) ~ Hope you buy a CD
I'm joined by the Island's Favorite Sister & Brother Duo~ Sarah &
Michael Mahan in the courtyard gardens in Wildchild Gallery Heaven!

Thursday, May 8th
Tarpon Lodge 6:30- 9:30pm
13771 Waterfront Drive Pineland Fl
239 283 3999
Price: Free (Donations) ~ Hope you buy a CD
I'll share new & favorite original songs about life, love & seedy
island characters as the sun sets over Pine Island Sound! Dinner
Reservations always encouraged. Luscious full dinners or pub fare!

Sunday, May 18th
Woody's (Formerly the Double Nichol) 8:30am- 11am
Habitat for Humanity Fundraiser!
3051 Stringfellow Rd St. James City FL
239 283 5555
Please join me as I serenade while folks eat shovels full of brunch
to benefit Pine Island's Habitat for Humanity!
Tix available at the door... please help spread the word!

Friday, May 30th
Kerrville Folk Festival Kerrville Tx
Price: See Website I'll be sitting in as guest percussionist with my AMAZING buddy
Freebo & the STUNNING Band "Sam Lardner & Barcelona" AND I'll join in
campfire music till I drop at this WONDERFUL INTERNATIONALLY ACCLAIMED

Thursday, June 12th
Tarpon Lodge 6:30- 9:30pm
13771 Waterfront Drive Pineland FL
239 283 3999
Friends, Huge Fun, Great Food, Sunset, Songs about Life, Love, Smarmy
Island Characters

Friday, June 13th
Wildchild Gallery
Non Art Night Matlacha - 2-5pm
4625 Pine Island Road NW Matlacha FL
239 283 6006
Price: Free~ Hope you buy a CD
I play in this gorgeous funky gallery as the Islands celebrate ART!

Sunday, July 13th- Thurs July 16th
Kerrville Folk Festival~ Songschool for Teens & email for details
Kerrville TX

This songschool is such a SPECIAL event for me. (my 3rd year
teaching) Also teaching this year are my buddies Tom Prasada Rao, Futureman/Roy Wooton (of Bela Fledk Fame) & Sarah Hickman!
Sponsored by Girls & Boys Clubs of America/ Microsoft & The
Kerrville Music Foundation, we bring young folks from the most diverse
backgrounds together to play & create music. It is SO JOYOUS &
EXCITING to watch these kids blossom & beam. For more info, email & put "July 12 Songschool for Teens" in
the subject line.

Sunday, August 10th- Thursday Aug 14th
The Song School- Lyons CO
800 624 2422
Price: Check Website
I return for the bazillionth year (12? 13? !!!) to teach the art of
songwriting, percussion & morning yoga at THE BEST school of
songwriting in the US! Stellar faculty. Amazing community, Gorgeous
setting surrounded by bubbling river & red rocks. Limited spaces fill
quickly- so register NOW!

Friday, August 15th- Sun. Aug 17th
Rocky Mountain Folks Festival Lyons CO
800 624 2422
Price: Check Website I get to perform at 1 of the best festivals in the country following
a week teaching at The Song School. YAAAAAY!



The Islands...
As I mentioned, life's been the usual busy whir for me. Living on the
most generous island on the planet keeps all of us busy. So many great
fundraisers... hats off & hugs & smooches to all those here who give &
give (& thanks for including me!)

Politics... Yes WE CAN make a difference. I hope those of you in the
US have been voting & doing your part to help make a well needed
change in our government! We can raise our voices & stop the insanity.
500 BILLION dollars! That's what we've spent so far! I'll say no

Both my VERY talented dear dear activist friends/sister/bro Eleanore
MacDonald (of Paul Kamm & Eleanore MacDonald & music bro Freebo sent
me links to this Utube video "Yes We Can - Barack Obama Music Video"
& I cried tears of Hope that we the many who've felt voiceless for so
long can maybe really just maybe see change in our lifetimes. It's
based on Barack's own inspiring words.
I urge you to take a minute to check it out & forward it if you'd
also like to spread the word. Change is critical. Please help make a

Jury Duty~ Almost EVERYONE I know does all they can to blow off jury
duty. But I was sued once along with 5 other top notch, passionate,
professional, conscientious practitioners...And I hoped & prayed for
unbiased, intelligent, thoughtful jurors. And the system worked. I was
fortunate & we were found not guilty. Yea, it's a HUGE inconvenience,
but it could be you. So I just served on a 3 week trial. It was an
honor & a privilege. (yea, it was a commuting pain & emotional jolt &
some of the lawyers wanked on & on...) But if we all blow it off, you
get what you get. (& yea- there will be a song about the wank parts;)

Songs~ I'm still pitchin & waitin & will keep y'all posted if
something wonderful falls from the sky. If not, I still Love my Life.
So There.

New Instrumental CD???~ To my special Friends in India & Pakistan,
Yes, in this lifetime I will do a new instrumental CD sooner than
later... And the music will be flute songs inspired by music from your

Song CD???~ Yes. I am also writing for a new "song" CD which YAll are
telling me way overdue. So stay tuned. (& THANKS FOR THE nudges!)


Yes... I have a "MY Space" page...
My primary postings & such are still at my website though.
But I'm told it's a beautiful thing to be linked to those of you who
So Go figure. I guess we should link.
Note- I post my schedule only at my website. It's easier.

My goal is still to have a gazillion "friends"
So by the time I die there are enough people to pick me up & dip me
in chocolate...


Time to go...
Please keep keeping me writing & playing & sharing in the joys of
Music truly can be a road to Peace.
I Do Believe!

Heartfelt Thanks to Y'All
Peace, Pura Vida, Oneh, Namaste, Nasdorovia, Assalam-O- Alaikum,

Http:// Http://

Annie's report from Costa Rica - December 30, 2007

Hello Y'All

Thought it would be easiest to check in via this space since it's been waaaay too hectic to reply to individual emails (so sorry).

I've been working my fingers off preparing for tomorrow's New Year;s concert in Monteverde. As some of you know 2 days before coming here I was stricken with absolute laryngitis... nada zip- barely even a painful whisper. Of course after preparing for months for this show, I'd never forgive myself if I wasn;t able to sing... so I took every remedy known to humans & animals over the past days....

Finally yesterday my voice began to return. I didn't realize how much I sing all day long. I am grateful!

The band is just AMAZING!!!
There are a few new members (Arturo on Bass & a few additional folks singing individual songs) but the previous band members are back & stronger than ever...

Robert our fearless,extremely talented & whipcracking leader is making sure we do all of the original parts as close to perfect as possible, Alan on vocals, leader of string section (which totally blows my sox off) , & banjo, Frederico on tight as hell drums (new kick butt kit) & Walter floating & wailing on rhythm guitar (his new shiny baby which I'm sure he takes to bed) Needless to say I'm honored as hell to be amidst such wonderful & careful artists.

I'm doing 12 songs on keyboard which is a bit of work for me as I'm striving to do all original parts and haven't played this much keyboard in a while...

After the new yrs show, the band "Chanchos de Monte" which consists of the major players in the new yrs show, will rock the rest of the night away... I'll be able to sit in there on percussion & whatever.

So, that's the scoop...

We've rehearsed day after day & when not rehearsing, we;re going over parts on our own...

I had to cancel a gig yesterday at Moon Shiva (2nd i've ever cancelled in 20 yrs) & Robert & I will do that Jan 4th...

I promise I'll reply to your notes after the big show...

Big Love to All


Holiday Giving Idea! - December 22, 2007

Hello Again Gorgeous Folks

As many of you know, last year I have the honor of performing in the earthquake zone in Pakistan for the most amazing people I've ever met in my life. Despite empty pockets & incredible loss, these beautiful souls picked up the pieces & helped those who had even less. They have become my barometer for what's really important in life!

Anyway, both the children's refugee/tent school and the women's craft collaborative have had terrible setbacks even since I was there.

Instead of buying someone in your loop another sweater or pair of mittens for the holidays, please consider making a donation in their name to the school or collaborative. Email me at the email address on the 'contact Annie" link for easy onfo on how to make a donation.

I promise it goes right into the hands of the kids & women in these terribly needy areas.


Wandering Gypsy Thankful & Bikefull Chick Update~ Nov. 2007 - November 25, 2007

Hello Very Beautiful People!

Happy Season of Giving Thanks!

On Thanksgiving morning, as I do most days, I awoke just before
sunrise & headed down to my dock where I sat quietly & played wooden
flutes as the sun rose orange & red. I play to ground myself, & also
play for the usual crowd... which varies...26 ducks, 8 ibis, 1 white
egret, & assorted eagles & osprey which circle & seem to call to me. I
think a lot... (sometimes too much) And I give thanks... HUGE thanks.
I ask for strength to deal with the things in my life which are
painful. I try to understand. I try to make things better. I try to
make a difference. I cry. I laugh. I question & I try to think of the
full parts of the cup as opposed to the not so full. Then I give
thanks again.

So, I must Thank All of You for the gift of friendship & support
you've given me. Yes, I'm always grateful for my gift of music, but
I'm also incredibly grateful that you all are so open to me sharing it
with you. So picture me shaking the hand of each & every one of you!
In the past months when I found myself questioning everything, dealing
with sick family members, stolen credit card, dead-as-a doornail van
at 4am on 4th of July & then the theft of my motorcycle while on a
charity ride in NY., it was the heartfelt letters & calls from y'all
that pulled me thru. I also thought a lot about my friends in Pakistan
who after last year's earthquake, gave & gave even when their pockets
were empty. Yes. There is good. I have Hope.



Last year, so many of you gave handfuls of my CD's, particularly my
instrumental recording "Winds of the World" as gifts, I've decided to
drop the price at CD Baby to make it more do-able. So if you're
interested in giving the Gift of Music... you can do just that...
(I'm also planning to have my biker song "Ride" available very soon
as an individual song for internet download only- so stay tuned)

CD's can be purchased...
* Via my website : where there are links to CD Baby for purchase of the actual CD

*or for Digital Download only via iTunes, go to and follow the simple links
(quick/easy/cheap~ $9.99!) I finally tried this yesterday & it took

If you live in SW Florida, you can purchase the CD at any of my
performances (schedule below), or:

*At WildChild Gallery on Pine Island Road, Matlacha, FL

*At Pine Island Variety & Gift Store on Stringfellow Rd, St James
City, FL

*At Ada's Natural & Organic Foods~ S. Cleveland Ave. Ft Myers, FL

A brief info-a-rama about the CD's...

"Winds of the World"~ All instrumental w/ Indigenous/Native flutes on
each song,
60 min long peaceful journey to nirvana type recording. Folks are
saying they love using it for massage, yoga, dinner, romance;)

"Poets Dance"~ "A Magical Musical Travelogue" songs about life, love,
travel to far off places like Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, Bali &
Saskatoon Skies". I call this my "Story CD".

"Time is Magic" ~ Full on band production, produced by Grammy winning
producer Norman Blain. I have only 1 left at CD Baby & will be
producing more in the next week.


2~ CONCERTS & A Special Flute Workshop~

Of course I'm always available & delighted to personalize/sign CD's
at performances... Just ask me!

This Tuesday, NOVEMBER 27th
TARPON LODGE 6- 9:30pm Pineland FL 239 283 3999

I'm so excited about returning for the season at this peaceful &
beautiful historical lodge. Reservations recommended if you're having
one of their 4 star dinners. *Note they have a luscious new affordable
light pub menu available in the music space!

Sun., DECEMBER 2nd, 2007
WILDCHILD GALLERY Songwriter Sunday/Chocolate Sunday - 1-4pm
Matlacha FL 239 283 6006

Join me if you can as I host nationally touring award winning artists
"Jenning & Keller" at this wonderful gathering celebrating original
music & art in the heart of Beautiful Matlacha. Cocolate & wine
available with proceeds going to The Calusa Land Trust or BYOB, join
in the BLISS! Please help SPREAD THE WORD about these gatherings at
the gallery on the FIRST Sunday of each month.

Also note the gallery has all sorts of great events, workshops &
artist demo's every weekend, so check the website for the scoop!

Fri., DECEMBER 14th
WILDCHILD GALLERY Art Night Matlacha - 2-5pm
4625 Pine Island Road NW Matlacha FL 239 283 6006

Always such a fun fun celebration! I get to twirl about this
beautiful gallery playing flutes & dulcimer as the Islands celebrate

TARPON LODGE 6- 9:30pm
Pineland FL 239 283 3999

Pre Holiday kick back! Get away...Come on down & watch the sunset
with me at this gorgeous historical lodge. Reservations encouraged if
you're having a luscious dinner, or try the new pub menu! We always
have a blast singing together & talking behind our neighbors backs!

BROMELIAS New Years Beatles Tribute Concert
Santa Elena/Monteverde Costa Rica

WAHOOO! Join Me, Robert Dean (Sinead O'Connor's former guitarist &
founder of "Japan") & THE MOST BRILLIANT band in Costa Rica as we join
forces again for the 2nd annual New Year's Beatles Tribute Concert at
Bromelias Amphetheater! Last year was so amazing, they just had to do
it again! (I'm practicing my hands off!)

FRI. JANUARY 4th, 2008
MOON SHIVA Santa Elena/Monteverde Costa Rica Price: TBA

Annie Wenz & Robert Dean~ Special Holiday Season Concert!

Musical Wizard Robert Dean (Sinead's former guitarist & former
founder of "Japan") & I return for a special appearance/concert.
Double check date & time as it's Costa Rica... they may change, but
we're definitely doing a show!

WILDCHILD GALLERY 4625 Pine Island Road NW Matlacha FL 239 283 6006

• Think about this as a SURPRISE GIFT!
Native American Flute workshop - 10am- 12pm

Price: $65 (Does not include flute, but Ray Wood flutes are
available. I use Ray's gorgeous flutes for most of my recordings &
performances these days!)
I'll be teaching a long awaited Native American flute workshop at
this beautiful gallery. I've been teaching these workshops for a few
years now, & folks who've struggled with wooden flute playing for
years are saying they're FINALLY playing & loving it! It CAN be done!
Please call the gallery or email me if you'd like more information!

SAT. JANUARY 19th & 20th, 2008
MARKHAM PARK, Ft Lauderdale FL 16th Annual South Florida Folk Festival

YAAAAY! Great Lineup. Huge FUN is always had. Music, Partying,
Florida Friends! Don't Miss it!
My "Official Performance" is on Sunday Afternoon. Hope you can join

THURS. JANUARY 24th, 2008
Sunset at the Tarpon - 6- 9:30pm
Pineland FL

Back Again! I Love playing at this very special historical lodge
overlooking Pine Island Sound as the sun goes down. Best to call in
advance for dinner reservations... or just come on down for dessert &
a glass-o.

SUN. FEBRUARY 3rd, 2008
Songwriter Sunday/Chocolate Sunday - 1-4pm
4625 Pine Island Road NW Matlacha FL 239 283 6006

I'm joined by the incredibly talented Wendy Webb! We'll grace the
stage & share original songs at this "Do Not Miss" special event.

FRI. FEBRUARY 8th, 2008
WILDCHILD GALLERY Art Night Matlacha - 2-5pm
4625 Pine Island Road NW Matlacha FL 239 283 6006

I twirl about this beautiful gallery playing flutes & dulcimer as the
Islands celebrate ART NIGHT!


I FINALLY recorded my biker tune "Ride"! Yaaay & YaaaaY. It was such
an amazing experience! It was produced by Ben Wisch, most known for
winning a grammy for producing Mark Cohn's brilliant song "Walking in
Memphis". I was accompanied by buddy the amazingly talented Walter
Parks, who's Richie Havens full time guitarist. When Walter's not
playing with Richie, he plays with the rockin/bluesy/swampy trio
"Swamp Cabbage" (do check them out!) I'll be pitching the song to
Harley for compilation consideration as well as pitching myself with
Swamp Cabbage to Harley for performance at events! (wish us luck!)
That much fun just should be illegal! Stay Tuned!

As a result of 3 motorcycles being stolen, 3 children were adopted
due to all of the press we received. Yaaaay! At that "price", I'd do
it again in a heartbeat! I also just found & finally replaced My
Sweet Ride with a Purple & Red 06 Heritage Softail Classic! It sure
is a "Throbbin Hunk o Love & Chrome" (yes- that's a line from my new
song "no Ride") with 12,000 fewer miles & Reinhart pipes. (after all,
it's all about percussion;)

While in the studio, I also recorded guitar/vocal versions of my
songs "Life in Harlan" & "Promised Land" to pitch to other recording
artists, so wish me luck. Special thanks to songwriter extraordinaire
Darrel Scott for his wonderfully kind words, input & hand in "Harlan"!


Super Extra Special THANKS to WMNF Tampa Radio Pubah Randy Wynne;
Women's show hosts Mary Glenney & Arlene Engelhardt & the whole WMNF &
Skippers community for such a warm & wonderful welcome & reception at
my 1st performance at Skippers. (as well as y'all who came out in
kind droves to be supportive) I had an absolute BLAST! You're all THE

There's a link at the bottom of this note if you'd like to be
removed. If it doesn't work, email me & I'll see to it!

Author Robert Macomber
Author Randy Wayne White (I'm LOVING his new book "Hunters Moon)

Songwriter Performer & Good Buddy Sam Lardner
And don't please don't forget my 3 amazing sponsors (whom I TOTALLY

Rocky Mountain Slides
Elixir Guitar Strings
Island Flutes
And for those of you who love to travel...
I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend this lovely family farm/cabinas just a wee
walk outside the cloud forest of Monteverde/Santa Elena Costa Rica.
(write & tell Raina & Leo I sent you!)
Cabinas Valle Campanas ------------


Yes... I have a "MY Space" page...
I don't "live there", but I visit... so feel free to do the same.
Note- I post my schedule only at my website. It's easier.

My goal is still to have a gazillion friends by the time I die, so
are enough people to pick me up & dip me in chocolate...


Well... That's all I can think of now, so I won't bore you with any
other news... I wish you all a healthy & peaceful & happy Holiday
Season...wherever you are in the world.

Special thoughts & blessings to my friends working so hard towards
peace in Pakistan & India. May we all continue to move closer together
to each other in celebrating the many things we have in common.

Peace, Pura Vida, Oneh, Namaste, Nasdorovia, Assalam-O- Alaikum

Performing Artist/ Songpoet/ RN/ Educator
Player of Indigenous Flutes & Percussion
Guitar, Piano... Harleys... & LIFE!

flight delay - October 17, 2007

hey all

flight thundered out

back a day late

this bites


Almost Home - October 15, 2007

Hola Todos

Once again, I must be brief, as the clock (this time in a library) is ticking...
The trip is almost at an end. I sure would´ve written sooner if there had been any slice of an internet cafe. Not easy...

Anyway... It´s been quite a trip. After leaving Barcelona, we made our way up to La Rioja wine region where there were grapes as far as the eye could see. Life in Spain is a bit different than what we´re used to. Folks sleep till 9am or so, have coffee & crumpets... putz a bit (or work) then lunch which includes a bottle of wine starts about 2pm. Needless to say, between the time zone difference, the difference in sleep schedule & the lunch scene, we found ourselves dragging ass by 4pm!
We are enjoying the wine, cheese, chocolate & other delecacies which abound.

In between some hiking & eating & drinking, the mountains & scenery were of course breathtaking!

After 3 days in Laguardia, we made our way up to the N. coast to small villages near San Sabastian.
(doing much of the same)

After that, we decided to head into France where believe it or not, we decided to go to Lourdes (yes that Lourdes) where I managed to steal a pair of rosary beads for my mother. (if Bernadette could see what they did to that pristine grotto!!!)
I do smell a song however.

We passed thru Andorra which is a shopping Ho´s dream (too bad about those mountains)

We´re now back in Spain, in the Pyranees in a small town called Puicgerdia. Tomorrow it´s back to Barcelona to return the rental car & to a hotel close enough to get us to the airport at the crack of wenzday...

Thanks for travelling with us!

Staying Alive - October 7, 2007

Hola Amigas/os

Just a quickie to let you all know we're still alive & having an absolutely wonderful time here in Barcelona. After several more days riding through the high, steep, swirly mountain roads (in clouds & fog & rain the last day... like enough wasn't enough!), we found our way to Barcelona where our friend, musician Sam Lardner & his beautiful family (lovely wife Katherine, 4 gorgeous kids & the best inlaw/friends on the planet) George & Lucy have been showing us what life in Spain is really about. Sam's band "Sam Lardner & Barcelona" played & rocked the town in Sarria town square in celebration of their huge annual festival. Katherine's father George Semler wrote all of the tour books on this region & is certainly filling us in... we sure feel fortunate... Lucy is a teacher and also an authority on all we need to know about the area.
So we are safe & in THE best hands we could be in.

We leave here tomorrow & head (we think) up into wine country (someone has to do it)

I'm working on a few new songs...
& of course missing you all!

Many Thanks for being there.

Hugs & Smooches from Barcelona,

Strong Moron - October 1, 2007

They say ignorance is bliss & that which doesn,t kill you makes you strong...
So I guess I,m a strong moron.

Here I am in Spain, & what a journey!
We arrived in Barcelona on sept 27th tired as hell (who sleeps on a cramped plane) at noon and searched for an hour as instructed for the guy from the motorcycle rental place who was supposed to be holding a sign. Nada...

Freaked & tired, though all appeared to be on the ¨up & up" when we checked & reserved bikes, I assumed we were ripped off & now stranded in spain with no means of transpòrtation, no phone, no ride from the airport. zip.

I made my way to ïnfo" booth & the kind woman assisted me in calling ¨moto espana". Evidently the person picking us up had car trouble, so we had to wait an additional hour plus for a ride to get the bikes. (finally got the bikes after 3pm)

The bikes! We ride huge harleys in the US... but though the bikes we rented are much lighter, they are balanced MUCH differently. They are more the type of sport bikes one uses to rip about corners. My bike was incredibly difficult to balance and tippy as hell.

SO... we rode briefly to the hotel for nite 1, slept fitfully, and set out up the "Costa Brava" having NO CLUE that the trip we were about to take is one of the most difficult rides in all of Europe!

When we told the guy we rented the bikes from that we,d ridden the "Dragon,s Tail" in the US (360 curves in 11 miles) he said "yes, and???".

That should,ve been our clue.
So off we rode...
First getting out of Barcelona was INCREDIBLY DIFFICULT... They have rotarys "rotundas" every half mile where cars, busses, trucks rip around jockeying for position as you attempt to figure out which turn to take.
After that we wound our way up the twisty rocky coast with HUGE CLIFFS and minimal guard rails. I truly thought I wouldnt make it, but I also didnt want to turn back & redo the rotaries!
Riders from all over Europe had come to do the ride, decked in full leather, on racing bikes...

ANYWAY... Weŕe alive... I was truly scared to death and I feel strong having stuck with it and continued (like i had a choice!)
I feel as if we,ve earned some fancy pants biker,s tatoo...

After day 1, we ducked off the coast into the Pyranees Mts where the roads continued to be twisty as hell, narrow and dangerous (with wreaths & flowers from those who didn,t make it!) but the scenery is some of the most gorgeous ever seen. As to the riding, I know bikers travel the world in search of rides like this, so in retrospect, we couldn,t have chosen a better trip...

We,re now high up in the mts, in a breathtaking village called "Ribes".

Life is Good...
Ride on


Great News Since Bike Theft - September 22, 2007

Hello Beautiful Peeps

I just heard & had to share.

Due to all of the publicity related to the theft of 3 motorcycles...
3 kids were adopted!

What a great trade!
3 Bikes for 3 Kids

I'd give up my bike again in a heartbeat!

Life is Good!

Wandering Gypsy Bike LESS Chick Brief Update - September 12, 2007

Hello Beautiful People

Since so many of you asked for a brief report...
& tuned into the Today Show hoping our group would get to talk about
the plight of Foster & Adoptive Kids...

We never made it to the show.
I didn't have a ride.

Yes- it was STOLEN

In NY during the night, along with 2 other women's bikes.

If any of you happen to see the beautiful Yellow & Purple Harley that
used to be mine... :(

(i'd say, watch out for it, there are photos at my website & part of
me thinks someone will spot it & it'll be recovered, but that doesn't
happen with bikes, it's already chopped up)
I will still record my song "Ride" (& maybe I'll write another song
called "Rideless") If I have any energy left.

Peace, Joy, Hope,

Annie the Disheartened
(I know I do sound quite pitiful... sorry... you lose springback
after a few hits)

Wandering Gypsy Bikerchick Update~ Sept. 2007 - September 8, 2007

Hello Shiny Beautiful People!

A last minute new development has popped up in my life, so I'll try
to be brief...

Talk about dichotomy...

The story... There's a group of women bikers here in Maine (that
would be motorcycles not bicycles), led by Sue Pollard, author of the
book "The Alternate Survivor" who've decided to create awareness &
raise money for children in Maine who struggle in foster homes...
hoping & praying for adoption. There's just not enough money to
support keeping them protected and finding them safe homes. They are
the true survivors!

So the group of 40 women bikers will be leaving Kittery Maine
tomorrow (Sunday 9/9) & riding over 250 miles to New York's Madison
Square Garden to grab front row seats on the Today Show Plaza (this
Monday 9/10) and the organizers are also hoping to meet with Oprah
after her show in hopes that she may be able to take up the cause of
the plight of foster/hopeful adoptive children onto her busy plate.

A great deal of money has been raised already- close to $100,000,
much donated by small businesses in Maine, but if any of you know of
any other folks who may want to contribute, here's the link to where
you may make a small donation. (tax deductible of course!) I'll be on
the ride & as always, hope a song will come from this amazing

Here's the link to the events... then you can click more to read
about the Adoptive Foster Families of Maine & the entire event, &
where to send a donation if you feel so inclined.
For those not in Maine, I know there are chapters in every state
equally as in need!

(& BTW~ The "Survivor" connection... Sue was last alternate for the
show Survivor-Amazon, wrote a book about her experience/story related
to that journey & became chummy with some of the folks who were on the
show. They're helping her with this project/fundraising effort.)

Other Brief Bits...

Last weekend I had the honor & privilege of participating again in
the Penobscott Indian's highest holiest annual spiritual journey...
100 mile relay from the reservation on Indian Island, ME to their
sacred mountain, Mount Katahdin in Maine.

It was as always an amazing journey... I think this was my 12th run.
I ran 12 miles before my right knee decided I'd done enough... oh
well... Larry rode 100 miles on his bicycle! & Dale ran about 18 mi.
before his ankle fought back! I was the only woman, & only one on our
(Dale's) team of 5 who wasn't a marathon runner, so I guess I did OK!

After those running, bicycling & paddling up the river finished their
journey, we sat around the ceremonial fire where many of the elders &
young alike sang traditional songs in Penobscott & other Native
languages. We danced & then afterwards began to tell stories about
dreams & journeys. It was such a once in a lifetime experience & once
again I was reminded about what we miss when we substitute possessions
for simplicity...

When I journey with the Penobscotts, I always asking for guidance & a
"message for this year's journey", the light shined, as it does when
you ask.

I started thinking about all those who've given so much to me in life
with no strings attached, just to be kind.

Despite my occasional thoughts about "throwing in the towel" &
hopping on the line of "takers", I've come to the realization that
giving stirs the waters & creates a ripple effect.

So this year's message... walk towards the light & don't give up...
Keep trying & giving & change will come.

My last bits of news...

I have a few weeks off before a busy fall & winter music schedule. In
that time I've decided to record my motorcycle/biker song "Ride" which
so many people are loving (thanks folks!) with New York producer
extraordinare, Ben Wisch  who recorded,
produced & won the grammy for Mark Cohen's killer song "Walking in
Memphis". I just know Ben will help me get the perfect sound for the

I'm also ecstatic about the musicians who will be joining me on the
recording... The kick butt band "Swamp Cabbage"  comprised of my buddy Walter Parks
(Richie Havens guitarist) , Jagoda the percussion/drum wizard, & the
last but not least member of their trio, bassist Mark Lindsey!

I'll be pitching the song about for various projects and it will be
available for download & with Tshirts once it's done, so stay tuned (&
wish me luck!)

That's about it for now. In a month or so I'll fill you in more on
fall concerts ...

BUT don't forget early bird tickets for Magfest!
& I'll be returning to Monteverde/Santa Elena, Costa Rica for the
Second Annual New Year's Extravaganza Beatles Tribute Concert at
Bromillia's Amphitheater with my buddy Robert Dean & the rest of the
absolutely brilliant band!

To my dear friends in Pakistan & India, I am still hoping to return
sooner than later! I'll let you know when the article about me & my
thoughts on Peace through Music will be running in the "India Times".

Sending special thoughts & prayers to my dear friends in Abbotobad
Pakistan at the DMC!
Many Thanks as Always for Your Love & Support
Assalam-O-Alaikum, Namaste', Peace,

Annie Wenz
Performing Artist/ Songpoet/ RN/ Educator
Player of Indigenous Flutes & Percussion
Guitar, Piano & Harleys

Sponsored by Island Flutes Elixir Guitar Strings Rocky Mountain Slides ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

We're too tired to sleep, too wired to dance
So we sway with the heavens in crystal blue trance
We are naked & threadbare & tapping our feet
We touch without touching & savor the heat...

Annie~ "And We Wait" (on art & life & music)


Wandering Gypsy Update July 2007 - July 10, 2007

Hello Very Beautiful Peeps!

As always, I hope all is wonderful in your lives, or if not, I hope you are finding ways to reach out & locate the little glimmers of light that help get us thru...

Once again I apologize for not sending this out more frequently, but... I don't know, sometimes I feel we're better off planting flowers in our gardens or writing songs or eating crumpets with friends than reading email... Call me wrong... I just find my feet in the dirt dancing... & then time's gone... & it was good. I AM grateful for y'all's patience in keeping track of me & of my music despite my... bouts of silence!

On to the scoop!


I've decided to fewer but larger, more special shows/festivals/teaching in the next months as I'm back to writing a bunch & I am expecting delivery of a new resonator guitar & 2 Pakistani flutes which I want to melt down over & learn... (yaaay) Hope some of you can join me if you're in the area of any of my shows or workshops! (& always feel free to let me know you're there!)

Thursday, July 12th
Kerrville Folk Festival~ Songschool for Teens, Kerrville TX
I know it's too late for any of you to attend this year, but it's so wonderful you may know of a young person who may be interested for next year. Anyway, I'm SO EXCITED about returning to teach at this very special song school for teens, sponsored by Kerrville Festival Productions, Boys & Girls Clubs of America & Microsoft. For more info- check the Kerrville website & contact the festival office.
Thursday, July 26th- Sunday, July 29th
Falcon Ridge Folk Festival   Hillsdale NY   WaHOOO!!!

I Love Falcon Ridge!!! It's truly one of the premier festivals in the US...
I'll be busy playing all over several stages... so check the schedule!
The lineup includes Arlo Guthrie, Dar Williams, Jimmy LaFave, John Gorka, Lowen & Navaro, Lucy Kaplansky, Marshall Crenshaw, Tracy Grammar & Me!!!

Weekend tix are totally reasonable. It's just a BLAST.
Sunday, August 12th- Thursday, August 16
Rocky Mountain Folks Fest. Song School,  Lyons CO I return to teach at the BEST songwriting school in the country... Stellar faculty, including Darrell Scott (who's written for Garth Brooks, The Dixie Chicks, Faith Hill, and Tim McGraw), Steve Seskin (Waylon Jennings, Peter Yarrow, Alabama) ,  Catie Curtis, Ben Wisch (produced "Walkin in Memphis for Mark Cohen) many others... Oh Yea... & ME! Gorgeous setting, huge heart. Limited enrollment, so don't wait too long!


Friday, August 17th- Sunday, August 19th
Rocky Mountain Folks Festival  Lyons CO
The festival which follows the song school... I'll be performing on the "Wildflower Stage". Other performers include Judy Collins, Gillian Welch, Darrell Scott, Cheryl Wheeler & MORE!

September~ looks like Larry & I will be riding motorcycles thru SPain! Any performance leads/suggestions??? Love to hear them!

Thursday October 25h- Sunday, October 28th
Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park~ Magfest 2007!
Live Oak FL
Get your early tix soon! I return to one of the most joyful festivals on the planet. ALWAYS a brilliant lineup, HUGE FUN, BURSTING with heart on the gorgeous Swannee River. I perform & teach percussion (dance & party too!) There will be a huge Pine Island contingent, so please join us in the BLISS!


As always, be sure to check venue websites for any changes!

I'm sure there will be additions to the schedule, so check my website for updates too!



Thanks to Y'all, my recordings... older & newest continue to sell (Yaaay!!!)
Many are giving the gift of music & in turn that enables me to continue to create new music. You SO rock!

As always, you can buy my CD's:

"Winds of the World"~ All instrumental w/ Indigenous/Native flutes on each song, 
60 min long peaceful journey to nirvana type recording used for massage, yoga, dinner, romance;)

"Poets Dance"~ "A Magical Musical Travelogue" songs about life, love, travel to far off places like Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, Bali & Saskatoon Skies"

"Time is Magic" ~ Full on band production, produced by Grammy winning producer Norman Blain.

* Via my website : where there are links to CD Baby for purchase of the actual CD

*or follow links to download via iTunes (quick/easy/cheap~ $9.99!)

*At WildChild Gallery on Pine Island Road, Matlacha, FL
*At Pine Island Variety & Gift Store on Stringfellow Rd, St James City, FL
*At Ada's Natural & Organic Foods~ S. Cleveland Ave. Ft Myers, FL

& FYI~ RN magazine has a new addition to their very cool online mag. at the "Lifestyles" section called "The Break Room" which lists products for nurses by nurses. They have a link to my instrumental recording "Winds of the World" & it's bringing my music into the ears of nurses & those who are finding music healing! YAAAY Nurses!



Well... since I last wrote, it's been the usual swirl of life & art. So many wonderful things happening right close to home on Pine Island (2 mi from Sanibel Is.) They call us the "Arts Coast" for a reason! I was very busy at WildChild Gallery teaching percussion & hosting Songwriter Sundays... we will continue in the fall, plus there are many folks requesting a flute workshop, so I promise we'll let you know as soon as we set a date! 

Other gigs~Performances in Monteverde Costa Rica again were just a Blast as usual (thanks SO MUCH to Federico, Walter & Richard for joining me!) Susquanna Music & Arts Fest in May/Havre De Grace, MD- WOW WOW. Check it out next year! Wilfest is a sweet FL musical home away from home & of COURSE Springfest is ALWAYS just SO SO special...

My music bro & friend Alan Rowoth, founder of, the folk music listserv, & brainman behind the "Internet Quartets" which launched the careers of dozens of artists, amazing human & computer wizard is now doing ALL sorts of freelance music related computer business. If any of you are in need, or know of someone in need of any of that type of service, please DO contact him at the following... (he's THE BEST!)
Alan Rowoth/Internet Guru (315) 474-4800

My dear friend Nancy Glickman continues to bring a wonderful variety of music to the Tarpon Lodge in Pineland (also on Pine Is.) So be sure to support the artists if you can (& be sure to tell Nancy & the general manager Nancy rocks!)

I am SO SO SO excited that my sister/friend & cohort Dr Jerri Nielsen of the book & movie "Ice Bound" (remember the doctor who discovered a breast lump while working at the S. Pole who had to do her own biopsy, have meds air dropped since she was too iced in for evacuation, & was finally airlifted from the pole???) decided it was time to collaborate on a song! I took some of the lyrics from words & ideas in her book, & we both added to make it a song we really love & I am proud of!
It's called "Laughing at the Hurricane" & it's about a coupla wild goilz who keep on keeping on when the chips fall, pushing the edge, laughing thru it all (who could that be???;)
I do hope to record it soon & in the meantime, Jerri's book makes an amazing gift!
(& she also travels the world speaking & inspiring folks if you need it!)

My other dear doctor buddy & sister Batool Kazim with whom I went to Pakistan last year decided it was time for me to dive back into Pakistani & Indian music, so she connected me, my wonderfully talented musical bro Tom Prasada-Rao & world renowned tabla (Indian drum) master Jerry Leake with Pakistani & Indian friends of hers who wanted something multicultural & special for their international wedding! We learned, played & all felt we did justice & more to some instrumental music by the legendary Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, & Tom & I sang the beautiful love song "Rahe na rahe hum" by Lata Mangeshkar in Hindi! I really plan to continue to work on that music so that I may return to India & Pakistan someday to continue to use music to bring people together...

AND speaking of that... Doctors Samina Ahmad, & Salman Ahmad (Salman of the band Junoon who performed with me at last year's Philly Fest) along with their friend Bono (yea- that Bono!) have a new Tshirt fundraiser project... The shirt features the Sufi words "Ghoom Tana" which mean co-existance/interconnectedness... It has pictures of symbols of all major religions and a dark & light hand intertwined in a circle... the back says "we are all connected". All money raised goes to the group of women with HIV/AIDS in S. Africa who make the shirts. The message hopes to promote religious & cultural tolerance. It's 1 of those ways you can make a donation as a birthday or other gift for someone AND get a shirt as thanks! I LOVE my shirt!

Other newz... since y'all have been asking me... yes, there will be a new CD...
what & when exactly, I'm not sure, but your urging has me starting to plan!
I owe you a new "song CD" & a new "instrumental CD" (which will have rhythms from Pakistan & India all over it, I promise!) and I haven't forgotten a kids project...
Things always find their way & so it goes & so it will...

& I still want to record my biker song "Ride" & pitch it to Harley for their compilation & then do my own version of the "Motorcycle Diaries" riding & playing from ralley to ralley with my little Martin in my saddlebag & my hair in the wind!

My journey last week from FL to ME with my soulsister Lynn Holdsworth included some adventure... including my van croaking at 4am July 4th in Jacksonville, FL loaded down with a motorcycle trailer, hundreds of pounds of mangoes, guitars, drums, a bird & duffelbags of other gear. As always, we laughed it off, as we juggled lack of sleep, coffee & chocolate with taxi's, rental cars & traded vehicles. We towed, got covered with grease & mango goo (so sorry for the rash Lynn!), waited & waited some more & decided the message in it all is that "stuff happens" & you may as well find something in the ride & breathe & push on.
What kept it all in perspective was the beautiful people I'd met last year in the earthquake zone in Pakistan who experienced a REAL tragedy & somehow rose above it all...
You all still bring tears to my eyes, inspire me & fill my heart.



There's a link at the bottom of this note if you'd like to be removed. If it doesn't work, email me & I'll see to it!



As I mentioned, Pine Island is a virtual MELTING POT of amazing internationally acclaimed artists...
I encourage you to check out the work of these folks I'm honored to call my friends:

Author Robert Macomber
SongGoddess Wendy Webb
Author Randy Wayne White
And don't please don't forget my 3 amazing sponsors (whom I TOTALLY ADORE!):

Rocky Mountain Slides
Elixir Guitar Strings
Island Flutes
And for those of you who love to travel...
I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend this lovely family farm/cabinas just a wee walk outside the cloud forest of Monteverde/Santa Elena Costa Rica. (write & tell Raina & Leo I sent you!)
Cabinas Valle Campanas

Yes... I have a "MY Space" page...
I don't "live there", but I visit once in a while... so feel free to do the same.
My goal is to have a gazillion friends by the time I die, so there are enough people to pick me up & dip me in chocolate...


As always... I THANK YOU ALL for your kindness & support...
& I urge you to do what you can to be kind...
& to work for PEACE & EQUALITY for every single one!

Peace, Pura Vida, Oneh, Namaste, Nasdorovia, Assalam-O- Alaikum,

Annie Wenz
Performing Artist/ Songpoet/ RN/ Educator
Player of Indigenous Flutes & Percussion
Guitar, Piano & Harleys

"Winds of the World" is now back on the shelves! - May 4, 2007

Hello Again Beautiful People...
Winds of the World is now back on the wearehouse shelves. YAAAAY.
AND CD Baby is just GREAT about sending them right out, so you can now go for it!

Since many of you have asked... yes, I am an RN.
This recording was part of a long and wonderful journey which began many years ago when I found myself playing flutes for my patients at the Westfield Area Mental Health Center Crisis Respite in Westfield, MA where I had the priviledge of working as Nursing Supervisor for about 13 years. I used music in conjunction with movement exercises, guided imagery and also aromatherapy with amazing success. As a songwriter and performing musician, I already had 2 recordings completed, but I hadn't yet recorded an all instrumental one. After much support and love from my colleagues, friends and music listeners, I finally produced "Winds of the World"...
I am honored that many nurses, health care workers, hospice facilities, yoga and massage practitioners are using and recommending it...
Many Thanks for Your support as well...
Please email me with any questions or comments...

And oh... last of all, I went to Pilgrim Psychiatric Center School of Nursing in New York! YAAAAY.

Be Well,

Annie's "Winds of the World" CD - May 1, 2007

Hello Beautiful & Patient People!

My SINCERE apologies for leaving the US and running out of CD's in the warehouse!
I was incredibly fortunate to have the CD listed in RN Nursing magazine which evidently created a much bigger wave of purchases than I could have expected (YAAAAY)
However I am quite embarrassed not to have them available in the usual immediate manner in which CD Baby sends them out.
So Please accept my humble apologies and know that I was the one with my head in the ozone...

They are enroute as I write & those of you who have ordered & are patiently waiting should receive them shortly.


Percussion Workshop - January 14, 2007

Hello Y'all
Yes... it's been a while since I've written & sent out an update. I will soon. I promise! Until then, I just wanted to THANK ALL who participated in Sunday's Percussion workshop at Wildchild Gallery in Matlacha, FL. It was truly A BLAST!!!
We will be scheduling another February beginner and intermediate workshop in the next few days so stay tuned! Again MANY THANKS TO ALL for sharing their wonderful energy, spirit & expertise...

Wandering Gypsy Update November 2006 - November 28, 2006

Here's a copy of the latest update I sent to my mailing list 11/28/06
(If you'd like to get an automatic copy in you own email box, just fill in the little box at the bottom of this page where it says "join annie's email list".

Peace, Assalam- O- Alaikum, Namaste', Nasdorovia, Shalom, Ajo,
(& So On!)

(& to my friends outside the US who don't celebrate Thanksgiving, but
have a different version of a day of thanks... Happy That!)

I know I have so very much to be grateful for...
Especially YOU All...
MANY heartfelt thanks for bringing such joy into my life
& for being so supportive of me & of my music!

It's been an interesting & blurry few months.
Summer somehow morphed into winter & now the holidays are upon us! WOW!

So on with the update...


1~ NEWS...

It took a while to recover from my very humbling & powerful trip to
Pakistan. There are notes & many photos at my website, so please do
visit & comment. I recently received a beautiful thank you note from
one of my now life heroes, Dr Noaman Siddiqui in Pakistan. I will
paste it at the end of this newsletter so those of you who helped
make my trip possible may also read how much our gifts meant.

MANY thanks for VOTING! We must now continue to raise our voices!

YES we can make a difference! Peace WILL COME!

Summer festivals & song schools were a blast. The incredibly talented
Salman Ahmad of the Pakistani band Junoon (which has sold over 25
million records!) joined me at Philly Folk Festival singing songs of
hope & peace in English & Urdu! He is now en route to Pakistan &
will be returning with a traditional flute for me. YAAAY.
I look forward to future collaborations with Salman & his amazing
wife Dr. Samina Ahmad.

Magfest ( was as always SUCH a joy! In
addition to performing, I taught a percussion workshop & a Native
American Flute workshop with my buddy Ray Wood of Island flutes...
I'll be returning to the park for Suwannee Springfest in March.
Earlybird Holiday Tickets are NOW available at
Nurse Zone online Nursing Magazine recently interviewed me for an
upcoming article about doing therapeutic music in Pakistan. I'm not
sure when it'll run, but here's the website.
Yes~ I plan to record the biker song "Ride" soon... so stay tuned!

If any of you happen to be in Costa Rica over the holidays, I'll be
performing at a really really snazzy theater in the mountain village
of Monteverde with my great friend Robert Dean (Sinead O'Connor's
former guitarist & also founder of the band "Japan" (check schedule

Since I'm finally back in Florida, I've decided to celebrate by
performing & teaching workshops close to home for a while (minus my
few weeks in Costa Rica). In addition to returning to the Tarpon
Lodge where you can enjoy a 4star dinner while listening to music,
I'm also REALLY excited about teaching songwriting & percussion
workshops at Wildchild Gallery in Matlacha, AND I'll also be hosting
"Songwriter Sundays" which will feature me, plus another songwriter,
on the 3rd Sunday of the month at Wildchild!

We are also welcoming any of y'all who'd like to sit in with a song
or instrument to come on down!!! Check the schedule below for



It sure makes me smile when Y'all share the gift of music!

Last year many folks told me they sent my relaxing instrumental CD
"Winds of the World" as gifts & people said they loved them. (YAAAY)

SOOOOOO I've dropped the prices of my recordings...
to make it even more possible.
Just go to
& you can buy the actual CD,

(AND if you buy more than one copy of the CD,

you get an xtra 10% off)
OR if you prefer to just gift yourself, you can just download the
songs from iTunes for just $9.99.

OR if you live in the vicinity of Pine Island Fl.

you may purchase a CD at:
Wildchild Gallery in Matlacha,

Island Variety in St James City (by the former Hardware store)
Ada's Health Foods in Ft Myers



SATURDAY DECEMBER 2nd, Wildchild Gallery, Matlacha FL
Christmas Bliss/KIDS Percussion Jam - Time TBA Price: Free! 239 283-6006
I'll be bringing kids together in a percussion jam-a-rama.

Build a shaker, learn to be part of a band!

Part of an entire day of the islands holiday celebration

for kids of all ages!

THURSDAY DECEMBER 7th Tarpon Lodge, Pineland FL 6- 9:30pm FREE! 239 283-3999
I return to this gorgeous historical lodge nestled in the heart of
paradise... please join in the bliss!

FRIDAY DECEMBER 8th, Wildchild Gallery, Matlacha FL
Art Night Matlacha - 2-6pm Price: free~ Hope you buy a CD 239 283-6006
Wildchild Gallery is SUCH a FUN place to be on Art Night! Come join
me as I float through this beautiful gallery playing flutes &
dulcimer... sip wine, dance under the moon to drums & celebrate!

SUNDAY DECEMBER 10th, Wildchild Gallery, Matlacha FL

SONGWRITING WORKSHOP/Dancing with the Muse~ A Songwriting Journey. -
1-4pm 239 283-6006 Price: $45
Spend your Sunday afternoon in "Wildchild's Garden Paradise" learning the art of songwriting...
from what makes a great song to catchy rhythms & rhyme,

creative editing, song structure & more! You'll be HOOKED!

THURSDAY DECEMBER 28th, Bromeia Amphetheater!

Monteverde , Costa Rica
I will be part of a huge musical hoot & Beatles Tribute which my good
buddy Robert Dean is putting together in this wonderfully cool
mountain village in a gorgeous new performance center! Exact time &
details TBA- so stay tuned!

FRIDAY JANUARY 12th, Wildchild Gallery Matlacha FL

Art Night Matlacha - 2-6pm Price: free~ Hope you buy a CD 239 283-6006

Come to the Islands & share in celebrating the arts... I play
flutes, artist demo their art, music, food, wine, chocolate...
doesn't get any better!

SUNDAY JANUARY 14th, Wildchild Gallery, Matlacha FL Price: $45
"Plays Well With Others... The Art of Drumming & Percussion"

1-4pm 239 283-6006

This hands on workshop promises to be both FUN & educational! Yes-
you CAN do it!
For anyone who'd like to learn more about the art of drumming &
percussion ... from simple individual rhythms & drumming/percussion
techniques to playing in a group and creating you own poly rhythms.
I will lead a hands (& feet) on workshop using shakers, claves,
brushes, drums, & found objects...

(just like "Stomp!")

Bring your own "whatever" or use something from my bag of tricks.
For adults or mature young people... Also GREAT for teachers!

SUNDAY JANUARY 21st, Wildchild Gallery, Matlacha FL

SONGWRITER SUNDAY!!! - 1-5pm 239 283-6006

Price: Free~ Hope you shop at the gallery
Join me & songwriting Diva Sarah Mahan in Wildchild's beautiful
garden for an afternoon of music. Sarah's music & voice are SO
soulful & bluesy!!! She's great! Bring your own (???) , bring a
friend... shop at the gallery... gather... sing a song... just BE!

THURSDAY JANUARY 25th, Tarpon Lodge, Pineland FL

Sunset Music at the Tarpon - 6- 9:30pm 239 283 3999
Watch the beautiful sunset, enjoy a 4 star dinner or coctails &
listen as I sing about life, love fishing & bungy jumping! You may
want to make a reservation...

FRIDAY FEBRUARY 9th, Wildchild Gallery, Matlacha FL

Art Night Matlacha - 2-6pm 239 283-6006

Price: Free~ Hope you shop at the gallery
Artnight is SO SPECIAL!
Join in the music (I'm on flutes), wine, chocolate, friends, fun...

SUNDAY FEBRUARY 18th, Wildchild Gallery, Matlacha FL

SONGWRITER SUNDAY!!! - 1-5pm 239 283 3999
Price: Free~ Hope you shop at the gallery
Join me & Songwriting Diva Wendy Webb as we rock you in the garden
all afternoon... Wendy's stunning lyrics are featured in NY Times
best selling author Randy Wayne White's books! Please join in the
bliss... bring your own whatever, tell a friend... float through the
gallery... share a song...

If you'd like to be removed from this list or ned to change your
info... Please go to the link at the bottom of this note & voila...
byebye... (or if that makes you paranoid- send a note to me
(but don't ask me to marriage you) (see below)



Despite the fact that my name is Annie and I have visited & performed
in Pakistan, I am not the Annie of the song "Mahia". (sorry folks;)
Evidently when one googles "Annie" & "Music" my name comes up, as
does the other "Annie". I know some of the guestbook mail I receive
is intended for me from my new friends in Pakistan, but I do however
receive some additional interesting emails because of the confusion.
"I love you will you marriage me please call my cell phone..."
Anyway- for those wondering... that's the scoop!

(& no thanks I don't need a bunch of husbands;)

(but thanks for the thought)


This is the letter I received from Dr Siddiqui in Pakistan the day
before the anniversary of the Earthquake...
This especially goes out to all who helped make that journey
possible. It's for all of us!
Dear Annie
God bless you my friend.

May I take this opportunity to thank you once again for helping our
people in need.

Tomorrow is the first anniversary of the earthquake. I don't want to
remember that day which was full of misery and pain. I feel contented
that during the past one year we have at least tried to make a
difference... difference from Pain to Relief, from Sorrow to
Happiness, from Poverty to Progress... and all this was possible
because of people like you and the wonderful friends like Nadeem and
Co. (our "team of doctors")

Thanks for being there for us in the moments of grief and sorrow and
trying to heal the wounds by those
wonderful sessions of music therapy..

Yours sincerely

Dr. Noaman Siddiqui







Annie Wenz Performing Artist/ Songpoet/ RN/ Educator
Player of Indigenous Flutes & Percussion
Guitar, Piano & Harleys

Sponsored by Island Flutes Elixir Guitar Strings Rocky Mountain Slides ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
We fight & we crawl,

following visions & mountains of people
We've just got to have it all,

but life is what's precious,

possessions get heavy
We can circle & rearrange all that surrounds us

from simple to large as the sky
After searching & searching for something majestic,

the treasure's what touches inside.

By Annie~

After Backpacking Around the World in 2000.
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