From the recording Hallelujah Rose

I wrote this song while riding "Sally", my throbbing hunk o love & chrome (my Harley) from Florida to Canada & on to Maine. While riding thru Tennessee, I passed a funky little joint/cafe outside of Chattanooga called "The Motorcycle Ranch". Parched from my ride, I pulled in for a cuppa Joe... Carl, the owner, a former magician (no kidding!) saw my little Martin guitar in my saddlebag. He asked "Whats with the guitar?"
I said "Im a songwriter. I write songs in my head while I ride. Gotta have the guitar at all times"
Carl said "Well, I dreamed up this story a long time ago. Maybe you can make it into a song. It goes like this...
The sun was setting & it was a beautiful night. I wanted to ride. No one was around to ride. My wife, my friends, no one. So I set off alone. I was passing this forest outside Chattanooga & there at the roadside in the distance, was a woman standing in the road with a stop sign in one hand & her thumb out. The sun was shining thru her long hair & she looked not of this world. (at least thats how I remember the story) I pulled over & she hopped on the bike & we rode for what seemed like forever. After who knows how long, I let her off & returned to the ranch. Next morning I got up & went to start up my 'ride'... & the odometer hadnt moved a mile!"
OOOOOOOO... so I had 2000 miles to make up a song. I wrote in my head & scribbled notes at stoplights. I wrote & rewrote & here's what I came up with!  (Im proud to say this was a fave of XMSirius Radio)