Annie's Hour Long All Instrumental CD...Featuring Native Flute... & More

Used by yoga, massage, & medical practitioners around the world

Rain on Bare Skin

Celebrate!!! "Rain on Bare Skin" 

Annie Wenz's long awaited, second all instrumental recording 

Is finally here! 


Just Sit back & Breathe.... 

For Meditation, Relaxation, Yoga, Massage, Health and Wellness Practitioners... 

And of course LOVE ;) 


It's Multicultural, Mellow & Meditative...  

Much like Annie's best selling (& still selling!) 

2005 CD "Winds of the World"... 

Which was used by some of the most known spas in the world, as well as by yoga, massage & medical practitioners...  

It was also recommended by RN Magazine! 


Produced by Tom Prasada-Rao & Annie, the instrumentation is a stunning patchwork, a weaving floating blend of sounds from many cultures.  

Annie plays indigenous flutes on every song...  

Native North American wooden/cedar flutes, bamboo & drone flutes, panpipes & the bassoon like Slovakian flute... 

She also ads piano, dulcimer, tiple, steel drum, various other percussion instruments, tuned crystal glasses, digeradoo, gongs and bells! 

Tom Prasada-Rao masterfully, breathtakingly plays sitar, violins, upright bass & mandolin! 


It's a magical journey around the globe...



"Ride The Sky'

Annie Wenz: Ride The Sky

"Ride the Sky" is a bigger than life vagabond writer's magnifying glass-ified kaleidoscopic vision of back road Americana!  From stop sign wielding hitchhikers thumbing rides on Harleys in Chattanooga to coal mining & snake handling in Appalachia, sticky floors in skanky bars, five & dimes & neon signs, & dirty blues swirling circles around bottles of Jim Beam.  It’s about lone coyote lovers... like grains of sand slipping through fingers where palms meet lips on train windows... Where wandering gypsies meet lonely road dogs spilling guts on the head of a pin...while ghosts still circle around dusty boots leaving footprints in the sky.


And baseball... yeah! Popcorn kisses pink cotton candy while old leather gloves slap in hands... to the voices of Annie AND former Red Sox pitcher & wild man Bill "Spaceman" Lee. (Bill's bona-fide musical debut!)  Annie songs run the gamut from picky acoustic guitar & delicate piano with string accompaniment, to natty rockin blues with nasty slide guitar, to the closing chorus of angelic voices questioning "are we poets or drunkards or incarnate souls" waiting, waiting,  waiting for manna to fall from the sky...Talk about a Ride!!!




Ride the Sky"- Produced by Neale Eckstein/Jagoda; & Recorded by  Neale at Fox Run Studio-Sudbury, MA.

Artwork & Design- Nancy Koucky- NRK Design;  Photos- Neale

Mastered by Toby Mountain


Accompanists: Jagoda, Tom Prasada Rao, Pat Wictor, Adam Rothberg,  Adam Frederick, John Ingman.

Vocalists: Bill "Spaceman" Lee (yes, former Red Sox wildman;), Jimmy  Lafave, Barbara Kessler, Neale


& Special THANKS go out to Robert Dean who’s been a huge part of Annie’s  musical journey & continued to be through every part of this CD contributing his thoughts & wisdom from Costa Rica.


Unlike Annie’s  previous multicultural flavored CD's, this one is American  Roots- with many songs written in her head while riding her motorcycle  (Sally Libelula- a Harley Heritage Softail Classic across natty dusty back roads of the US. (thus the title)



1- "Hallelujah Rose" -Stop sign wielding hitchhiker thumbs a ride on a Harley in Chattanooga.

2- "Life in Harlan" -Coal mining, snake handling & my life as an RN in Harlan. (w/ Jimmy LaFave!)

3- "Tick Tock Lounge"- Sticky floors in skanky bars, five & dimes & neon signs.

4- "Melting" - Where palms meet lips on train windows.

5- "Roses & Candy Heart Parades"-  Dirty blues swirling circles around bottles of Jim Beam.

6- "Coyote Calls" - Native flute intro to Lone Coyote

7- "Lone Coyote"- That would be Annie... grains of sand sifting through your fingers;)

8- "Play Ball"- Popcorn kisses pink cotton candy while old leather gloves slap in hands... (former Red Sox pitcher Bill "Spaceman" Lee's bona-fide musical debut!)

9- "Lonely Road Dog Meets Wandering Gypsy"- When a guy spills his guts on the head of a pin...

10- "Promised Land" - For Nurses & Hospice workers & those who dance between footprints in the sky.

11- "Still Circling"- Inspired by Dave Carter dream visits & Rachel Bissex (it was the last song Annie sang to her)

12- "And We Wait"- About what we do! "are we poets or drunkards or incarnate souls" "waiting, waiting, waiting for manna to fall from the sky..." (written on the way home from performing at Kerrville Folk Festival)




 Annie is internationally known as Singer/Songwriter & Multi-Instrumentalist who's music seamlessly slides between Roots/Americana, Blues, Folk, & Indie Acoustic, blending poetry & funky grooves, accompanying herself & others on guitar, piano, indigenous/Native flutes & percussion instruments.  Her intricately descriptive lyrics are drawn from her journeys...  as a road rash proud biker, round the world backpacker, rafting guide, kayaker and working as an RN & humanitarian activist. She has traveled over 25 countries over 25 years "bringing people together through music" & hoovering every possible drop of fun out life!


She's shared her music... in Pakistan for earthquake victims & dignitaries, "New Zealand's Millennium Celebration", The Kennedy Center, music festivals, house concerts, coffeehouses, arts centers & theater productions throughout the US, in Costa Rica, Germany, Sweden, Thailand, Vietnam,  Bali, Mexico & more!


Her former band members are truly some of the world's most shining artists -Senegalize talking drum wizard Massamba Djop of Babba Mal's band, Steppenwolf's Guy DeVito, & London's Robert Dean (Sinead O'Connor's guitarist). She has taught with “Futureman” Wooten of Bela Fleck & the Flecktones, & co written/collaborated with the late Dr Jeri Nielsen of the Ice Bound book & movie, and National Boyd Award winning novelist Robert Macomber.


In addition to “Ride the Sky”, Annie has 6 prior recordings on her own independent label “Island Gypsy”.  Her all instrumental CD  "Winds of the World" is soundtrack for the feature film “Gateway to Faeries” & is also used by yoga & massage practitioners internationally. 


When she’s not performing & touring around the world, she has been sighted planting bananas in her yard on SW Florida, riding her Harley on dusty roads & chucking her cast net at marker 13!

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"Ride" ~ Annie's Biker Anthem!

The Quintessential Biker Anthem! An Ode to the Open Road. A Must for Bikers, Dreamers, Rockers & Road Dogs! Featuring Annie & Walter Parks (Richie Havens accompanist) Produced by Ben Wish ('Walkin In Memphis')
Annie Wenz: Ride

"Winds of the World"

Annie's ALL instrumental, hour long, multicultural "magical musical journey" featuring haunting Native American & Indigenous flute solos accompanied by stunning, peaceful melody/dances on piano, cello, sitar, gongs, kalimba, violin & bliss... In addition to Annie on flutes from around the world, piano, digeradoo & soft percussion, it features world renowned percussionist Glen Velez, breathtaking cello pieces by composer Vernon David & the captivating strings of wizard To Prasada Rao... A perfect recording for YOGA, MASSAGE, MEDITATION or as a gift to those you love... including yourself! Recommended by R.N. Magazine! Buy this CD at CD BABY Quick/Safe/Secure CD Baby makes it SO EASY & Secure!
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"Poets Dance"

“Poet’s Dance”, co-produced by Tom Prasada Rao, is a BRILLIANT work of musical art & poetry... with each instrument (over 20) played by either Annie or Tom. It includes the powerful “Vietnam”, opening with Annie singing in Vietnamese; the spoken word piece “Laos” with accompanying gongs, panpipes, Vietnamese Trong & various Asian instruments; Annie’s love song “Saskatoon Sky”; the Thai song “Loy Krothong” honoring the River Goddess; Annie’s percussive political song “Freedom”; Annie & Tom’s duet English/Spanish rendition of Phil Ochs “Bracero”; & Tommy Sands “There Were Roses”... among others. "Each song on Poet's Dance is a crafted jewel, a vibrancy of colours shifting from the snowy Saskatoon Sky, a love song of breathtaking beauty to Malcolm's World where the invite is to kick the sandals off and do a Carribean snoopy dance. The feeling of the album is of a poet on the road, blending in with the people of different lands from South America to Ireland. Annie Wenz has stayed a spell, embraced the people, understood their plight, shared songs and enriched herself as much as her new found friends: The late Phil Och's Bracero is just Annie & Tom Prasada Rao's guitars underpinning a vocal duet that is a brooding burner to peel paint. Poet's Final Dance is an awesome tribute to Al Grierson "friend, brother, poet, monk, wiseass". The ringing guitar introduction stops the breath and Annie Wenz's voice melts the senses." Buy this CD at CD BABY Quick/Safe/Secure CD BABY ROCKS!!!!! Great to Indie Artists And YOU!
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"Time is Magic"

If beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, does it also reside in the ear of the listener? And if it does reside there, would I then be incredibly presumptuous in declaring Annie Wenz's Time is Magic to be an inarguably beautiful album? Yes and yes? Oh well. I've been called worse things. Time is Magic is an inarguably beautiful album. Opening track "Dance Under the Moon" perfectly frames Wenz's unique musical nether-world, which is bordered by traditional guitar-based folk and various Native/Latin American musical styles. "Moon"'s arrangement is kick-in-the-solar-plexus surprising (it sits you down and sucks your wind out with an befuddled, involuntary ahhhhhhh when you hear it the first time)--but it prepares you for the album's rich melange of acoustic guitar, fiddle, cello, flute, percussion and even (gasp!) an electric lead line on "Wild Horses", which ends up sounding like Richard Thompson/Sandy Denny era Fairport Convention. Wenz is also an evocative lyricist and story-teller: lines like "Richard couldn't live in the flats anymore/the devil lived in his stove and the creaks in his door were the voices of hell come to haunt him" make you want to listen to songs that were already wonderful when you were just hearing them. Does it get much better than this? Maybe. Does it get more beautiful? No. Are you ready to call me presumptuous? Listen to the album before you do. - Metroland/ Albany,NY Buy this CD at CD BABY Quick/Safe/Secure We LOVE CD BABY!!! BUY IT HERE! It's secure, they're so wonderful to artists... Couldn't be better!
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