What a Summer!!! 

Hello Beautiful Shiny Friends

As many of you know, I've been keeping you in the "up to the minute" loop on my Facebook (MANY THANKS for being there with me, cheering me on & posting photos when you come to my concerts!)

It's been an incredible several months of amazing tours & journeys... back to Costa Rica, to Texas, NY, New England, all over Florida & to Colorado...

I've had the honor of performing & teaching songwriting at THE most prestigious Festivals in the US and my songs continue to receive…

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Wandering Gypsy Holiday & End of 2014 Wanderings 

    ANNIE WENZ Happy Happy Everything My Friends!

May this find you all with cups more full than empty... gazing at sunsets... and looking into the eyes of humans more than computers!

May you find the balance between the bustle to make time for special moments with those dear to you! (including yourself!)

May this hopefully not find you thinking I'm tacky for sending this photo of me seeing if Santa really tastes like red & white striped candy canes;) 




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Wandering Gypsy Wanderings 5/14/14 

    Annie Wenz "Rain on Bare Skin" is FINALLY DONE!



Hello My Family & Friends!


I hope this finds you all well & wonderful & finding little glimmers in the good things that fall in our paths.

Sometimes the glimmers are those around us who lift us up & sometimes its realizing we managed to move on after a fall. Sometimes glimmers shine in the smiles of strangers…

 I cling to those Glimmers & I Give Thanks constantly.

And I particularly give THANKS to All…

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Because so many of you have been so so so incredibly kind

& have cheered me on & urged me to record another all instrumental CD,

I FINALLY did! & it's HERE!

(which is why you havent heard from me in so long.. Ive been very busy!)

The Scoop:

It's a Blissful hour long all instrumental journey

Featuring Native Flutes~ Piano~ Strings~ Sitar~ Gongs & Chimes For Yoga, Massage, Meditation, Relaxation & Love…

Here's the link where you can LISTEN TO SAMPLES!!!

& Read about the songs...


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Wandering Gypsy Wanderings 12/5/12 



Wandering Gypsy Wanderings 12/5/12

Hello Everyone!

I hope this finds all of you well & wonderful. This is a time of year when many of us reflect & give thanks.

We try to remember to be kind & forgiving & to be examples of peace. I love hearing stories from you all

about how you're doing your part to make change. We all really do make a difference by spreading light & love &

positivity... by starting at home, in our communities & passing the torch wider & wider.

Keep up the

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Wandering Gypsy Wanderings 8/8/12 

Happy Happy Summer Everyone!


I hope this finds you all finding joy

in the little things with those important to you... 

Taking time to breathe & to celebrate

life, family, friendship, art & community!


It's been a jam packed summer for me between festivals & teaching. Summers are always my busiest time. But busy in a wonderful way...

And since I need to pack to leave for my next excursion, I need to just say THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for being part of my bliss bubble.

It means so much... & give you a quick…

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Wandering Gypsy Wanderings/Upcoming Concerts 

Hello Everyone!

Hope you're all settling into 2012 in a wonderful way!

I'm just writing to send you a quickie with my concert updates since there are a bunch of newbies... So I'll just send those & leave it at that. As always THANKYOU ALL SO MUCH for your kindness & support!

"Ride The Sky"- my newest song CD

& "Peaceful Waters" my all instrumental CD

Continue to receive great airplay & accolades... (YAAY!)

& are still available digitally

or in hard copy/actual CD with artwork at:


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Wandering Gypsy Wanderings- December 2011 

Hi Y'All


For those not on my mailing list, here's a copy of my Dec 2011 Newzletter.

If you'd like to be on my occasional mailing, you can go to www.anniewenz.com and click on the left where it ways "join Annie's mailing list"  THANKS!


Hello Shimmery Shiny Beautiful Peeps!


Wishing You All Joy & Peace & Happiness & Love & Chocolate & Contentment during this Holiday Season!


I am Blessed to have friends & family from all over the world from different cultures, races, ethnic, &

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Wandering Gypsy Wanderings- July 2011 

Greetings & Happy Summer All You Shine Muffins!

Here's my occasional newsletter, sent out to those on my mailing list.

If you'd like to receive it automatically, there's a link on the left bottom of


I Hope this note finds you all with cups more full than not, giving more than receiving & making differences in your own special ways.

I recently read the line "May we all lift as we climb".

So beautiful. Hope we can all do that!

Fall & 2011 bookings are still underway, so…

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New Review of "RIDE THE SKY" ! 

Hi Friends,

I'm delighted & honored to share this new review of "RIDE THE SKY" by Music Aficionado Dr Robert Ben Mitchell.

"When Jimi Hendrix asked ARE YOU EXPERIENCED (Polydor, 1967), a toddler-young Annie Wenz must have looked up from her toy piano and shouted back Hell Yeah! In her latest CD titled RIDE THE SKY, Annie rides right out at you with HALLELUJAH RO...SE, projecting all the bravado of Jill Sobule’s groundbreaking 1995 hit I KISSED A GIRL. With a voice like grade-A maple syrup, herRead more