1. Vietnam

From the recording Vietnam

Im proud to say I had the honor of performing this song a few years ago on
Veteran's Day at The Kennedy Center in Washington DC
What meant the most to me was that both folks who fought
as well as those who objected & didnt go came up to me
& thanked me for the song with tears in their eyes...

In the year 2000, I took a backpacking trip around the world...
I was writing for an arts magazine, writing songs, performing some gigs
And I also wanted to learn songs from other countries
So that I could share them in attempt to use music to bring people together.
Some wonderful Vietnamese teen taught me a traditional song which they said was entitled
"All Hands in a Circle" Thats the intro Im singing in Vietnamese.
The rest was my story about my experience with the wonderful people of Vietnam
Who all had only the kindest things to say about American who touched them in some way, & made a difference