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Annie Wenz

"Rain on Bare Skin"





Hello My Family & Friends!


I hope this finds you all well & wonderful & finding little glimmers in the good things that fall in our paths.

Sometimes the glimmers are those around us who lift us up & sometimes its realizing we managed to move on after a fall. Sometimes glimmers shine in the smiles of strangers…

 I cling to those Glimmers & I Give Thanks constantly.

And I particularly give THANKS to All of You for being part of my world. For helping me to continue to be an artist & writer. It means so much!

 I guess I should move on to the scoop... I’ll try to be brief, but as Y’All know, I’m not always great at that… (but Im working on it;)


First of all... Huge apologies for being so invisible, but I’ve been up to my eyeballs birthing a new CD!

So I’ll share that news & I have some concert information to pass on as well.


Heeeeeeere's whats up!





1~ My New Shiny CD!

I am just kissing the sky! “Rain On Bare Skin” is HERE!


Because SO many of you urged me to record a new instrumental CD & because my dear friend & Musical Bro Tom Prasada-Rao was suddenly available to come to Florida & record, it happened all so quickly, AND it’s actually DONE! (fastest birth EVER!;)




Folks are thankfully loving it

(I’ve had to restock at CDBaby twice!)

I’d love for you to give it a listen (you can just listen to snippets here without buying) & if you like it, you can actually purchase it at this link & “take me home with you;) “ via download, or you can buy a real CD!



Like “Winds of the World” which was recommended by RN magazine & used by yoga & massage & wellness practitioners (& Lovers;), it’s an hour long~ all instrumental, blissfully mellow float. Each cut has a Native Flute. (North American Indian, Slovakian, Andean panpipe, bamboo…) I also play piano, ducimer, tiple, chimes & bells & tunes crystal glasses. Tom is masterful on violins, string bass & sitar!Here’s the link… You can also read a bunch about each cut here.



You can also check out my other recordings at that link too.


If you live in the Pine Island/Matlacha Island area of FL, they’re available at NetShops USA which is that cool little shop as you enter the islands on the left where Brittany the Bobbing Mannequin with the SwizzleStick sign on her belly button lives & waves!


Again~ I am SO SO GRATEFUL to you all for urging me to record this CD.


(& FYI~ “Ride The Sky” is still being played on SiriusXM Radio! Yay!)




2~ Concerts



I’m honored as always to be returning to perform & teach at some of the most prestigious venues in the country. Gratitude Gratitude!!!

Hope to see some of you there!


Info & links are below. My exact times to teach/perform aren’t all avail at this minute, but I’ll post to my website when that info comes in! HUGE Muchisisisisimas Gracias!



Fri. May 23- Wed. May 28

Kerrville Folk Festival~ Kerrville, TX




I'm NOT performing this year, but Kerrville is SUCH an amazing gathering of the best writers in the world that throngs of writers & past performers & music lovers gather to touch holy ground! So it's just a MUST for me!

I'll have my new CD with me!

(some of Y'All have asked me to sign copies for you there. THANKYOU!!!)



Saturday July 19th




The HolyGrail of EveryThing Mango!

Im waiting to hear for sure if they can have me just Saturday

(since I have to leave for TX Sun)

But whether or not Im performing, I wanted to share their link!

It's a great time, so GO GO GO!




Sunday, July 20th- Thurs July 24th

Kerrville Youth Music Camp

3876 Medina Hwy Kerrville Texas 78028  (830) 257-3600



Im Teaching again this July for my 8th? year!!! 

With Steve Seskin, (of the "Dont Laugh at Me" project)

Roy Wooten ("Futureman" of Béla Fleck and the Flecktones 

Jena Kirkpatrick- MOST Supreme Poetry Goddess!

Musical Magicians Tom Prasada Rao, Frank Meyer & Bill Oliver


It's one of THE absolute largest joys of my musical life!

Its every bit of why I do what I do...

 Kiss the Sky. Kiss the Sky, Kiss the Sky!!! Mwah Mwah! Life is Great!


Interested in sponsoring a kiddo? Call (830) 257-3600

& tell them you'd like to do that (or email me if you want more info or if you dont get right thru! annie@anniewenz.com )





Friday, August 1st- Sunday August 3rd

Dodds Farm 

Falcon Ridge Folk Festival


Hillsdale New York 12529

Ticket info is at their website.

***EARLY BIRD TIX go on sale tomorrow 4/15!




I just SO SO SO SO LOVE performing at this


& held my breath until I was invited to return


My exact performance times still TBA... so stay tuned.

If you've never been, this festival has something for all ages & crosses musical genres





Sunday, August 10th- Thursday August 14th

Planet Bluegrass 

The Song School


500 W Main St Lyons Colorado 80540     303-823-0848



Im returning to teach at this absolutely stellar school of songwriting

For my 17?th year

With the best writers in the world!


It SOLD OUT in January again!!!...

But they do keep a list in case there are some last minute spaces available! 

So call if you're interested on going on the list!



Friday, August 15th, 2014

Planet Bluegrass 

Folks Festival


500 W Main St. Lyons Colorado 80540    303-823-0848


AUGUST 15-17

!!!I'll post where/when Im performing when I know!!!







3~ Other Links & Newz


I FINALLY have a Facebook artist site that I try to keep up to date!

I would love it if you 'like' me ;)

I post last minute newz-ings

& bits of inspiration & occasionall dumb jokes there (HA)





I have a few author friends with new shiny books!

Here are their links!


Into historical fiction? 

Robert Macomber is two time winner of the US library Boyd literary award & has a wonderful new book!




Into suspense?

NY Times Top 10 award winning writer

Randy Wayne White has a new badass book!





4~ Thanks & TATA


I know there's more, but I dont want to keep you any longer!








Hope to see some of you in Musical Wonderland

As Always

Thank You for being the Magic Lifting my Wings!



Annie Wenz




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