Almost Home

Hola Todos Once again, I must be brief, as the clock (this time in a library) is ticking... The trip is almost at an end. I sure would´ve written sooner if there had been any slice of an internet cafe. Not easy... Anyway... It´s been quite a trip. After leaving Barcelona, we made our way up to La Rioja wine region where there were grapes as far as the eye could see. Life in Spain is a bit different than what we´re used to. Folks sleep till 9am or so, have coffee & crumpets... putz a bit (or work) then lunch which includes a bottle of wine starts about 2pm. Needless to say, between the time zone difference, the difference in sleep schedule & the lunch scene, we found ourselves dragging ass by 4pm! We are enjoying the wine, cheese, chocolate & other delecacies which abound. In between some hiking & eating & drinking, the mountains & scenery were of course breathtaking! After 3 days in Laguardia, we made our way up to the N. coast to small villages near San Sabastian. (doing much of the same) After that, we decided to head into France where believe it or not, we decided to go to Lourdes (yes that Lourdes) where I managed to steal a pair of rosary beads for my mother. (if Bernadette could see what they did to that pristine grotto!!!) I do smell a song however. We passed thru Andorra which is a shopping Ho´s dream (too bad about those mountains) We´re now back in Spain, in the Pyranees in a small town called Puicgerdia. Tomorrow it´s back to Barcelona to return the rental car & to a hotel close enough to get us to the airport at the crack of wenzday... Thanks for travelling with us! xoxo Annie

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