Annie in Mud

hey kids just checking in from the mudfest in lyons colorado (near denver) i'm well & alive with mud up to my butt song school was amazing i taught all week & also learned tons from other amazing instructors while i wasn't teaching took a private vocal lesson w/ wynona judd's vocal coach, the brilliant ron browning. changed my vocal life! in the temp where my tent is next to the river, it dipped into the mid 40's last nite, so i had a smarmy fling with my hot water filled stainless steel water bottle. the 2nd best thing to....... i'm now at a net cafe in downtown lyons (phone is charging in festival office) after walking a mile to the laundromat to dry dirty laundry (notice i didn't even wash it- it's "why bother" weather) rain still pouring they're calling this year "mudfest 2008" but the dirty clothes left on my back are dry i even have a clean shirt to wear for my concert at 4! so life is damn decent & the laundromat sceene was a freaking party ahhhhhhh the little bliss buds in life;) joy to all annie

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