Annie In Pakistan

Hello Everyone So sorry it took a bit to get to writing... It's been very very busy. We are all well & very safe. It is an amazing situation up here in the earthquake zone. I am so incredibly blown away by the huge hearts & courage of those who've been here & continue moving ahead through such a difficult time. We spent all day today touring the hospital & facilities up here. We were shown where the many field tents were during the aftermath, & we met with many doctors & staff to make recommendations/evaluate what medical supplies are needed. Batool & I facilitated a workshop for the docs, medical students & volunteers about post traumatic stress which we interwove with music therapy... (while Larry acted as videographer) Those who lost & have been through so much entered quietly & left laughing & tapping out rhythms. It has been difficult to hold back our tears. Again we are so amazed & blesssed to be with such strong & beautiful people... We will be continue to be safe & busy (as we of course eat our way through Pakistan;) Love to all Annie, Batool, Larry, Nadeem

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