Annie's report from Costa Rica

Hello Y'All Thought it would be easiest to check in via this space since it's been waaaay too hectic to reply to individual emails (so sorry). I've been working my fingers off preparing for tomorrow's New Year;s concert in Monteverde. As some of you know 2 days before coming here I was stricken with absolute laryngitis... nada zip- barely even a painful whisper. Of course after preparing for months for this show, I'd never forgive myself if I wasn;t able to sing... so I took every remedy known to humans & animals over the past days.... Finally yesterday my voice began to return. I didn't realize how much I sing all day long. I am grateful! The band is just AMAZING!!! There are a few new members (Arturo on Bass & a few additional folks singing individual songs) but the previous band members are back & stronger than ever... Robert our fearless,extremely talented & whipcracking leader is making sure we do all of the original parts as close to perfect as possible, Alan on vocals, leader of string section (which totally blows my sox off) , & banjo, Frederico on tight as hell drums (new kick butt kit) & Walter floating & wailing on rhythm guitar (his new shiny baby which I'm sure he takes to bed) Needless to say I'm honored as hell to be amidst such wonderful & careful artists. I'm doing 12 songs on keyboard which is a bit of work for me as I'm striving to do all original parts and haven't played this much keyboard in a while... After the new yrs show, the band "Chanchos de Monte" which consists of the major players in the new yrs show, will rock the rest of the night away... I'll be able to sit in there on percussion & whatever. So, that's the scoop... We've rehearsed day after day & when not rehearsing, we;re going over parts on our own... I had to cancel a gig yesterday at Moon Shiva (2nd i've ever cancelled in 20 yrs) & Robert & I will do that Jan 4th... I promise I'll reply to your notes after the big show... Big Love to All Annie

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