From Banska Bastriska, Slovakia

I.ll just write a quickie today so as not to bog yall down with too much reading. Bratislava, though another city full of amazing architecture, churches and castles was yet another big hussling in your face.a.rama, so we decided to get out of the craziness and head for a smaller, kinder, gentler place. We were told the smaller mountain city of Banska Bastriska was that place... So we hopped a 3 plus hour train ride northeast of Bratislava, into the central part of the country. It is truly beautiful here! The people are warm and friendly and the pace is slower. We are surrounded by mountains and the town has a small square surrounded by fountains, sculptures, little eateries and people just spending time together. I wonder why we don.t have more squares like this in the US. The language barrier is still a big issue, but learned to survive by learning to say "please, thank you, information, hotel=pension, coffee, beer, wine, no meat" in every language! So... that.s all for today Thanks for sharing the journey! Annie

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