From Poland

Well... Finally... In Poland... I'm trying to remember when I first dreamed of coming here. I think it was when I was about 5 years old and my grandmother said "Hanulka, if you learn to speak Polish, I'll bring you to Poland". I attempted t learn the language, but it wasn't easy. I remember getting a book from the library a few years later. It was so difficult still... But I kept dreaming. Anyway- yesterday with teary eyes, we crossed the border through the Tatra mountains from Slovakia into Poland. The scenery was breathtaking. The houses were each works of art with steep peaked tin roofs, ornate carving around doors and windows, surrounded by herbs, fruit trees and flowers. The first stop is in Zakopane which is actually a touristy place, but despite the tourism, you can walk down the small side streets and visialize what it looked like long ago. The people are so friendly- loving life and wanting to share their love and passion for it. The first night we unfortunately ended up in a more modern- "rode hard & put up wet motel " way up on a hillside. Great view, but that was the only positive feature. It was cold and rainy out, so we flipped on the TV which was a scream (to us) There were only 3 channels. One in Polish, the other were old foreign bad- I mean BAD movies. The dubbing is the same guy speaking Polish a bit louder than the original script! Whether the actor is man, woman or child, its the same male Polish voice speaking! In between the movie, there were boullion cube commercials! Yea- you read that right! So we had wine and cheese and bread and fruit and that was our 1st night in Poland. We set out today to find anything better... and immediately were rewarded by knocking on the door of a man who was a former teacher, & his wife a rehab. specialist. Their little house & rental penzion was surrounded by charming gardens- filled with veggies and herbs and fruit trees... so reminiscent of the garden I remember tending with my grandmther as a child. We checked in and went about walking thru the side streets taking photos of the beautiful houses and gardens, then sampling pastries, cheeses and taking it all in... I finally feel as if I'm in the place of my dreams... Hanulka

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