Musical Jam in Slovakia

Hey Everyone... Well the journey continues... My last night in Slovakia was such a memorable magical night. I went to the small cafe owned by a Slovakian couple who, hearing I was a musician invited me and 2 of their other musician friends for a gig/ get together. The other musicians were James and Beata. He was from England and she from Slovakia. They met a few years ago in a cave- both doing music. They fell in love, got married, have a young son now and live in Solvakia where they work as professional musicians. Their music was so beatiful- a blend of acoustic- folk - from the heart type songs. Some jazzy, some reels, some love songs... James played guitar and also amazing violin/fiddle. Beata played guitar and they both sang... breathtaking harmonies. We swapped songs back and forth accompanying each other. I had my brushes and tin with me and ankle shakers, so I played percussion. Jaro, the owner of the place had been clipping his hedges outside when we arrived, so not wanting to miss out on the fun, he decided to play the hedge clippers- opening and closing them rhythmically. It was a hoot!!! He was pretty good too! From Slovakian Mt Climbing team to drummer! We all shared wine and stories.... music and laughs and once again it was evident how music can bring people together. That's all for now... Nasdorovia, Hanulka

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