"RIDE" song/ 100 mile relay

Hello Y'All I finally sent my song "RIDE", stunningly produced by grammy winning engineer/producer Ben Wisch ("Walkin in Memphis") to CD Baby so that it will be easily/securely available for download as a single. I'm told it will be up any day now. I'll let you know the minute I hear. Many Thanks for your support & encouragement! That which takes time endures! In the meantime... tomorrow, Fri Sept 4th, I'm off to do the annual 100 mile spiritual relay with my Penobscot Indian friends. We'll run from Indian Island to Mt Katahdin, ME which is the Penobscot's sacred mountain. It's a very special honor to be part of this journey. I always arrive with questions & return with answers & a full heart. (& aching knees!) I'll be there hoping to fill my basket with wisdom... Wish me well... I'll say a few for all of you... I think we all need it. Peace... Annie

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