Hello Friends & Family “Ride The Sky” is DONE! It is with backhoes blissfully bursting with glee that I am FINALLY able to announce the release of my first lyrical CD in years! It’s been a true labor of love & I owe the largest boulder of gratitude to my dear friends Neale Eckstein & Laurie Laba for opening up their studio & hearts & home to make it possible! Additional Bodacious THANKYOU’S to all of you who’ve really listened to & supported my music over the years & who’ve been a gentle wind urging me on through this project… On to the scoop… 1- About “Ride The Sky” 2- Where to purchase the CD 3- Links to Youtube video w/ song clips & wacky photos of the making of the CD 4- CD release concerts 5- More about artists & songs on “Ride the Sky” 6- THANKS & HOPE TO CYA ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1- About “Ride The Sky”… Here’s the official Press Release info to fill you in a bit. "Ride the Sky" is a bigger than life vagabond writer's magnifying glass-ified kaleidoscopic vision of back road Americana! From stop sign wielding hitchhikers thumbing rides on Harleys in Chattanooga to coal mining & snake handling in Appalachia, sticky floors in skanky bars, five & dimes & neon signs, & dirty blues swirling circles around bottles of Jim Beam. It's about lone coyote lovers... like grains of sand slipping through fingers where palms meet lips on train windows... Where wandering gypsies meet lonely road dogs spilling guts on the head of a pin...while ghosts still circle around dusty boots leaving footprints in the sky. And baseball... yeah! Popcorn kisses pink cotton candy while old leather gloves slap in hands... to the voices of Annie AND former Red Sox pitcher & wild man Bill "Spaceman" Lee. (Bill's bona-fide musical debut!) Annie songs run the gamut from picky acoustic guitar & delicate piano with string accompaniment, to natty rockin blues with nasty slide guitar, to the closing chorus of angelic voices questioning "are we poets or drunkards or incarnate souls" waiting, waiting, waiting for manna to fall from the sky...Talk about a Ride!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2-Where to purchase the CD: HUGE thanks to all who’ve already said they plan to purchase a CD… & even maybe some to share as gifts. That makes it all the sooner I can do it again. (Since the making & outcome of this CD has been so wonderful for all involved, we’ve vowed to do it again sooner than later! YAY!) ONLINE: Digstation: The CD is now available for immediate digital download. Safe & Easy. Only $10 http://www.digstation.com/ArtistAlbums.aspx?artistname=AnnieWenz CDBaby: Link to Purchase Actual CDs OR Download MP3s: http://cdbaby.com/cd/anniewenz4 CD’s beautifully packaged (in environmentally happy green packaging) with all lyrics & gorgeous artwork/design by Nancy Koucky (of NRK Designs & Koucky Gallery) w/ photos by Neale Eckstein. Secure/Safe & they send the CD’s right out! Koucky Gallery: For those on Pine Island, FL , for instant gratification, Nancy will be carrying the CD until I return home from my current tour & can get them to additional island destinations kind enough to carry them. My other CD’s are available at WildChild Gallery & Pine Bay Gallery in Matlacha, FL! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 3- Links to Youtube video w/ song clips & wacky photos of the making of the CD: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z0RZn538i_0 Neale put this fun video together with snippets of 5 of the tunes on the CD & some photos/video clips. FYI feel the need to explain… I’m wearing the cheeseball faerie wings while riding my Harley because Neale also needed footage for the eventual video to accompany his song “Angel on a Harley” (as if explaining THAT doesn’t make it cheezeball;) & here’s a really brief youtube snippet of me coaching Bill “Spaceman” Lee on his part (it was a total hoot!) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NjwkhHLvNzM ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 4- CD Release Concerts: HERE’S A LINK TO ALL OF MY UPCOMING CONCERTS: http://www.anniewenz.com/hostbaby2/preview/calendar/player=off:style=787 & here they are at a Quick Glance: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ SUNDAY OCT. 31- CONCERTS IN YOUR HOME- Ft. Myers, FL My First Concert after returning HOME! & the first show featuring “Ride The Sky” http://concertsinyourhome.com/event-aschaefer20101030.html 7:00 p.m. Please RSVP to: schaefer810@aol.com or call 239-691-4069 Suggested Donation: $10-20.00 Since it’s Halloween, we’re making it Costume Optional! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ FRIDAY NOV. 5th 7-9pm Koucky (Koo-sky) Gallery & Gardens- CD RELEASE BASH!!! - 5971 Baypoint Road Bokeelia Florida 33922 FOR MORE INFO: 239.283.4414 or 866.227.7163 or email annie@anniewenz.com $20 per person or $25 per couple *comes with a FREE CD! *** with special guest Former Red Sox Pitcher Bill Spaceman Lee doing his part on the "Play Ball" song! Celebrating the Pine Island Birth of “Ride the Sky”. Hope Y'All can join in the HOOPLA! Bring a Snazzy Finger Food to share if you'd like. We’ll also have non alcoholic beverages available. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Tuesday, November 9th, 2010 KRUU Radio Lyrical Venus Hour- Radio Live - 9am CST (10AM EST & yadayada) Fairfield Iowa This will be a LIVE RADIO interview with DJ Heather Mills Rodriguez. If you go to the link & click on "Listen Live", you'll be there too! http://kruufm.com/lyrical-venus ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thursday, November 11th, - Sunday Nov. 14th NERFA Northeast Regional Folk Alliance Hudson Valley Resort & Spa Kerhonkson New York I’ll be returning to share music & HUGE FUN with friends & my musical family at this wonderful "musical trade show" where indie acoustic artists meet with presenters & dj's & fellow artists & press & listeners IT'S ALWAYS A BLAST I'll post my exact showcases & activities as it gets closer, so stay tuned! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ SAT. NOV. 20th Luna Star Café - 8pm $10 775 NE 125th St. North Miami Florida 33161 305-892-8522 I'm SO VERY HAPPY To be celebrating a CD Release & returning to this sweet venue considered to be 1 of America's Best Acoustic Listening Venues. PLEASE JOIN ME & HELP SPREAD THE WORD!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THURS DEC. 2nd, 2010 Tarpon Lodge & Restaurant Back to the TARPON!!! - 6PM 13771 Waterfront Drive Pineland Florida 33945 US 239 283 3999 Price: Free- Hope You Buy one of my NEW CDS This is SUCH a WONDERFUL Historical Lodge with breathtaking views & luscious menu. Hope some of you can come down & hear tunes off of my new CD & CELEBRATE ISLAND LIFE with me! Think about making a night of it... treat your sweetie or yourself to a room & dinner. Make sure you call for reservations! 239 283 3999 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Friday, December 3rd Back Alley CD Release & Signing Bash! - 5-8pm (check back in case we change it to later!) 121 Bridge Street Bradenton Beach Florida 34217 941-778-1800 Price: Free- Hope You Buy one of my NEW CD’s This will be my 1st time in this sweet & very funky space... So PLEASE ROCK MY WORLD & Join Me & Help Spread the Word! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Friday, December 10th Pine Bay Gallery- Art Night on Matlacha Island- WOOHOO! - 4PM? 4332 Pine Island Rd NW Matlacha Florida 33993-9726 US (239) 283-1335 Price: Free- Hope You Buy one of my NEW The GALLERY GODDESSES are dressed in full regalia. The Art-ies Circle Round Music Swirls with Wine & Assorted Foodly Nuggets (occasionally hoovered up by folks with large shopping bags while they think we're not looking;) ALWAYS A BLAST! CMON DOWN & JOIN IN THE BLISS! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Friday, December 31st Bromelias- New Years Concert BASH!!! - Time & Price Details TBA Santa Elena Costa Rica WE'RE BACK! I'll be ROCKING COSTA RICA With THE BEST BAND IN THE COUNTRY Featuring ROBERT DEAN (FORMERLY OF "JAPAN") ALSO CHANCHOS DE MONTE & OTHER SPECIAL GUESTS Stay Tuned for More ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 5- More about the CD Ride the Sky"- Produced by Neale Eckstein/Jagoda; & Recorded by  Neale at Fox Run Studio-Sudbury, MA. Artwork & Design- Nancy Koucky- NRK Design; Photos- Neale Mastered by Toby Mountain Accompanists: Jagoda, Tom Prasada Rao, Pat Wictor, Adam Rothberg, Adam Frederick, John Ingman. Vocalists: Bill "Spaceman" Lee (yes, former Red Sox wildman;), Jimmy Lafave, Barbara Kessler, Neale & Special THANKS go out to Robert Dean who’s been a huge part of my musical journey & continued to be through every part of this CD contributing his thoughts & wisdom from Costa Rica. Unlike my previous multicultural flavored CD's, this one is American Roots- with many songs written in my head while riding my motorcycle (Sally Libelula) across natty dusty back roads of the US. (thus the title) Songs: 1- "Hallelujah Rose" -Stop sign wielding hitchhiker thumbs a ride on a Harley in Chattanooga. 2- "Life in Harlan" -Coal mining, snake handling & my life as an RN in Harlan. (w/ Jimmy LaFave!) 3- "Tick Tock Lounge"- Sticky floors in skanky bars, five & dimes & neon signs. 4- "Melting" - Where palms meet lips on train windows. 5- "Roses & Candy Heart Parades"- Dirty blues swirling circles around bottles of Jim Beam. 6- "Coyote Calls" - Native flute intro to Lone Coyote 7- "Lone Coyote"- That would be me... grains of sand sifting through your fingers;) 8- "Play Ball"- Popcorn kisses pink cotton candy while old leather gloves slap in hands... (former Red Sox pitcher Bill "Spaceman" Lee's bona-fide musical debut!) 9- "Lonely Road Dog Meets Wandering Gypsy"- When a guy spills his guts on the head of a pin... 10- "Promised Land" - For Nurses & Hospice workers & those who dance between footprints in the sky. 11- "Still Circling"- Inspired by Dave Carter dream visits & Rachel Bissex (it was the last song I sang to her) 12- "And We Wait"- About what we do! "are we poets or drunkards or incarnate souls" "waiting, waiting, waiting for manna to fall from the sky..." (written on the way home from performing at Kerrville Folk Festival) ~~~~~~~~~~~~ 6- THANKS & HOPE TO CYA As always, I’ll be sharing photos & musings n scoopings on my facebook page, so if you’re not already a ‘friend’, I’d love for you to join me there… http://www.facebook.com/annie.wenz?ref=name Gratitude is my mantra these days… It’s been one amazing journey. I hope I have the opportunity to thank some of you in person… So if you come to a show, do say hello! THANKYOU from the bottom of my overflowing heart for spreading the word about my concerts & about this CD of which I am incredibly proud. It’s truly an artist’s dream come true! Annie

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