Still in Germany- Dresden

Hello Everyone Sorry I've been so bad about writing... We've just been so busy. In a great way! I can't begin to describe what these weeks have meant to me, and I believe each of us. We've become a family. The music grows in so many dimensions with every performance as we learn not only about each others musical changes, but about each others personalities, moods smiles, signals and hearts. We care about each other and about doing what we can do to make each others music sound as good as it can be, so the music truly is amazing... we're really sounding like a band more and more! There are also so many little subtle things I see each of us doing for each other... little acts of kindness and consideration. Someone is thirsty so someone else shares their water (or beer or green schnapps:) Someone has a heavy load and another comes to pick up the other end. We share food and cheap jokes and lay off when one of us looks tired or needs space. We are still eating our way through Germany as well, so thankfully our schedules are full and we are loading and breaking down gear, so the tour hopefully won't end with us all gaining new butts! So many unexpected gifts as well... Jorg who we call Ko invited us to his home where he and his wife prepared an absolute feast! Followed by a stroll by the nearby lake... The presenters from yesterday's brunch at a gorgeous old restored barn gave us each a loaf of home baked bread (that didn't last long), and after last night's gig we were each given a bouquet of flowers! We've had a busy schedule, sometimes with 2 performances per day... Wilfried and Bernd really outdid themselves setting this tour up. So many memories... Anyway... I must go help load gear for tonight's performance at a theater in Dresden... I'll write more when I can. Till then Danke for being here! Annie

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