Waaaaaaaay Overdue Wandering Gypsy Update!

Hello Very Beautifuls! Happy Belated Spring/Almost Mayday... I hope this time finds you all full of Hope & Joy & Green... The usual apologies... I know I've been remiss. Again. (I am shuffling my feet & my eyes are downcast) I know y'all just love a gazillion emails constantly updating every wee bit of whatever;) I do hope Y'All have been enjoying life's little curveballs & pitching in spreading the bliss of random acts of anonymous kindness just cause giving is good. It's been a whir for me between gigs & visitors from the North & the New Years Concert in Costa Rica (WHICH TOTALLY ROCKED & we're already planning next year!) & recording & attempting to place some of my songs & politics & fundraisers & Florida termites & last of all I was chosen to be on a jury for 3 weeks. (more about all this in News below) But I have some REALLY fun performances & workshops coming up (I do hope some of Y'All can join me!) & that's what Y'All have been asking me... SO ON TO THE SCOOP 1~ RECORDINGS 2~ CONCERTS 3~ NEWS 4~ MYSPACE.COM/ANNIEWENZ 5~ JOY & BLESSINGS & TATA ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1~ RECORDINGS THANKS to XM Radio Personality/Diva Mary Sue Twohy, my music has been in regular play on satellite radio!!! It's been SO EXCITING to get emails from friends all over the country telling me they heard my music on XM! That brings more folks to downloading or buying the songs or CD & that means it'll be sooner that I can do another recording. (Wahoo) So, if it moves you, you can rock my world by simply clicking on this link & requesting a song from my "POETS DANCE" CD. http://www.xmfan.com/guide.php?q=Annie+Wenz&mode=artist&sort=Channel I also sent "TIME IS MAGIC" & am waiting to hear if that's moved onto their shelves. I'll let you know if/when that's also available for request on XM. My all instrumental recording "WINDS OF THE WORLD" is still doing great & being used by massage & yoga folks, wellness, health practitioners as well as being played for mellow background music for all sorts of interesting spaces. So if you're looking for that "special relaxing music", please think of me! CD's can be purchased... * Via my website : http://www.anniewenz.com/products.html where there are links to CD Baby for purchase of the actual CD *or for just Digital Download via iTunes- Quick/easy/cheap~ ONLY $9.99! http://www.anniewenz.com/products.html If you live in SW Florida, you can purchase the CD at: *WildChild Gallery on Pine Island Road, Matlacha, FL *Pine Island Variety & Gift Store on Stringfellow Rd, St James City, FL *At Ada's Natural & Organic Foods~ S. Cleveland Ave. Ft Myers, FL A brief info-a-rama about the CD's... "Winds of the World"~ All instrumental w/ Indigenous/Native flutes on each song, 60 min long peaceful journey to nirvana type recording. Folks are saying they love using it for massage, yoga, dinner, romance;) "Poets Dance"~ "A Magical Musical Travelogue" songs about life, love, travel to far off places like Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, Bali & Saskatoon Skies". I call this my "Story CD". "Time is Magic" ~ Full on band production, produced by Grammy winning producer Norman Blain. With Annie Burns, Brooks Williams, Duke Levine, Glen Velez! 2~ CONCERTS & Special Workshops~ Of course I'm always available & delighted to personalize/sign CD's at performances... Just ask me! There are always additions to my schedule, so you can always check this link for updates. http://www.anniewenz.com/calendar.html Sunday, May 4th Wildchild Gallery 1-4pm Michael Mahan's Musical Birthday-A-Rama! 4625 Pine Island Road NW Matlacha FL 239 283 6006 Price: Free (Donations) ~ Hope you buy a CD I'm joined by the Island's Favorite Sister & Brother Duo~ Sarah & Michael Mahan in the courtyard gardens in Wildchild Gallery Heaven! Thursday, May 8th Tarpon Lodge 6:30- 9:30pm 13771 Waterfront Drive Pineland Fl 239 283 3999 Price: Free (Donations) ~ Hope you buy a CD I'll share new & favorite original songs about life, love & seedy island characters as the sun sets over Pine Island Sound! Dinner Reservations always encouraged. Luscious full dinners or pub fare! Sunday, May 18th Woody's (Formerly the Double Nichol) 8:30am- 11am Habitat for Humanity Fundraiser! 3051 Stringfellow Rd St. James City FL 239 283 5555 Price: ONLY $5 for a LUSCIOUS BRUNCH Please join me as I serenade while folks eat shovels full of brunch to benefit Pine Island's Habitat for Humanity! Tix available at the door... please help spread the word! Friday, May 30th Kerrville Folk Festival Kerrville Tx Price: See Website http://www.kerrvillefolkfestival.com/ I'll be sitting in as guest percussionist with my AMAZING buddy Freebo & the STUNNING Band "Sam Lardner & Barcelona" AND I'll join in campfire music till I drop at this WONDERFUL INTERNATIONALLY ACCLAIMED FESTIVAL! Thursday, June 12th Tarpon Lodge 6:30- 9:30pm 13771 Waterfront Drive Pineland FL 239 283 3999 Friends, Huge Fun, Great Food, Sunset, Songs about Life, Love, Smarmy Island Characters Friday, June 13th Wildchild Gallery Non Art Night Matlacha - 2-5pm 4625 Pine Island Road NW Matlacha FL 239 283 6006 Price: Free~ Hope you buy a CD I play in this gorgeous funky gallery as the Islands celebrate ART! Sunday, July 13th- Thurs July 16th Kerrville Folk Festival~ Songschool for Teens http://www.kerrvillefolkfestival.com/ & email for details Kerrville TX This songschool is such a SPECIAL event for me. (my 3rd year teaching) Also teaching this year are my buddies Tom Prasada Rao, Futureman/Roy Wooton (of Bela Fledk Fame) & Sarah Hickman! Sponsored by Girls & Boys Clubs of America/ Microsoft & The Kerrville Music Foundation, we bring young folks from the most diverse backgrounds together to play & create music. It is SO JOYOUS & EXCITING to watch these kids blossom & beam. For more info, email info@kerrville-music.com & put "July 12 Songschool for Teens" in the subject line. Sunday, August 10th- Thursday Aug 14th The Song School- Lyons CO 800 624 2422 Price: Check Website http://www.bluegrass.com/songschool/ I return for the bazillionth year (12? 13? !!!) to teach the art of songwriting, percussion & morning yoga at THE BEST school of songwriting in the US! Stellar faculty. Amazing community, Gorgeous setting surrounded by bubbling river & red rocks. Limited spaces fill quickly- so register NOW! Friday, August 15th- Sun. Aug 17th Rocky Mountain Folks Festival Lyons CO 800 624 2422 Price: Check Website http://www.bluegrass.com/folks/ I get to perform at 1 of the best festivals in the country following a week teaching at The Song School. YAAAAAY! ------------ 3~ NEWS The Islands... As I mentioned, life's been the usual busy whir for me. Living on the most generous island on the planet keeps all of us busy. So many great fundraisers... hats off & hugs & smooches to all those here who give & give (& thanks for including me!) Politics... Yes WE CAN make a difference. I hope those of you in the US have been voting & doing your part to help make a well needed change in our government! We can raise our voices & stop the insanity. 500 BILLION dollars! That's what we've spent so far! I'll say no more. Both my VERY talented dear dear activist friends/sister/bro Eleanore MacDonald (of Paul Kamm & Eleanore MacDonald & music bro Freebo sent me links to this Utube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jjXyqcx-mYY "Yes We Can - Barack Obama Music Video" & I cried tears of Hope that we the many who've felt voiceless for so long can maybe really just maybe see change in our lifetimes. It's based on Barack's own inspiring words. I urge you to take a minute to check it out & forward it if you'd also like to spread the word. Change is critical. Please help make a difference. Jury Duty~ Almost EVERYONE I know does all they can to blow off jury duty. But I was sued once along with 5 other top notch, passionate, professional, conscientious practitioners...And I hoped & prayed for unbiased, intelligent, thoughtful jurors. And the system worked. I was fortunate & we were found not guilty. Yea, it's a HUGE inconvenience, but it could be you. So I just served on a 3 week trial. It was an honor & a privilege. (yea, it was a commuting pain & emotional jolt & some of the lawyers wanked on & on...) But if we all blow it off, you get what you get. (& yea- there will be a song about the wank parts;) Songs~ I'm still pitchin & waitin & will keep y'all posted if something wonderful falls from the sky. If not, I still Love my Life. So There. New Instrumental CD???~ To my special Friends in India & Pakistan, Yes, in this lifetime I will do a new instrumental CD sooner than later... And the music will be flute songs inspired by music from your countries! I am SO EXCITED. Song CD???~ Yes. I am also writing for a new "song" CD which YAll are telling me way overdue. So stay tuned. (& THANKS FOR THE nudges!) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 4~ MYSPACE.COM/ANNIEWENZ Yes... I have a "MY Space" page... My primary postings & such are still at my website though. But I'm told it's a beautiful thing to be linked to those of you who link. So Go figure. I guess we should link. Note- I post my schedule only at my website. It's easier. My goal is still to have a gazillion "friends" So by the time I die there are enough people to pick me up & dip me in chocolate... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 5~ JOY & BLESSINGS & TATA Time to go... Please keep keeping me writing & playing & sharing in the joys of music. Music truly can be a road to Peace. I Do Believe! Heartfelt Thanks to Y'All Peace, Pura Vida, Oneh, Namaste, Nasdorovia, Assalam-O- Alaikum, Annie Http://www.anniewenz.com Http://www.myspace.com/anniewenz annie@anniewenz.com

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