Wandering Gypsy Big Newz 8/2010

Hello Friends



As always, I hope Y'All are well & finding joy in the little things, hanging in there through rough times & passing torches of wonderfullness that land & shine & make a difference!



This update is more to pass on some very exciting news... no shows for the next few weeks… I've got a wee block of much needed work time before I need to be in "Land on your feet EverReadyBunny mode"


So on to the…





1- THE NEW CD…    "RIDE THE SKY"  !!!









4- ANNE FEENEY- Musician/Activist/Giver/Friend



5- KATAHDIN 100- K100












1- First of all- THE NEW CD




is almost done! & I just can NOT tell you how excited I am.

I am pinching myself. I am absolutely overjoyed!

I am proud & I have to admit I get chills when I hear how shiny glimmers which started as wee seeds in my head have blossomed to the pieces of art I believed in… thanks to all who participated in this project, from those who directly had a part, to those who gave me their hands & hearts, encouraging & cheering me on…



Recorded by Neale Eckstein of Fox Run Studios


CoProduced by Jagoda & Neale


Featuring: Jagoda/drums; Tom Prasada Rao/violin & viola;

Jimmy Lafave/vocals; John Inman/guitar; Pat Wictor/slide guitar;  Adam M Rothberg/Mandolin/guitars; Barbara Kesser/vocals;

Neale Eckstein/vocals; Adam Frederick/Bass;

& me on vocals/guitars/piano/flute



I hope to have it in my hands in Oct!



I just can not describe how grateful I am to Neale who never ceases to amaze me! He is not only a brilliant engineer, but he has blown me away with his all around musical expertise... he is a total pro & wizz at what he does!  I also asked Jagoda to co-produce because I've always loved his drumming & knew how varied & full his body of musical knowledge is. He & Neale have done a stunning job of helping create every bit of magic I've envisioned for these songs.  The 3 of us truly worked our parts off (imagine that;) to bring the music alive with each song standing as a unique gem of which I am just so delighted & hope you will love as much as I do!



Each of the contributing/accompanying artists was also chosen because I've always adored & respected their work. I knew they'd bring the best to each song & they did. Above & beyond!



Last of all, huge thanx to my dear friend & musical cohort Robert Dean, formerly of "Japan" who wasn't able to be here, but has had a large hand in supporting me thru this project in so many ways over the many years we’ve performed & shared musical visions... (Stay tuned for the Costa Rica CD release in Dec/Jan.)



The songs move from the sparse "Still Circling" which I wrote about & for my late friends Dave Carter & Rachel Bissex; 

to the very large & rippin baseball song "Play Ball" which I plan to do all I can to market to major league ball (featuring Pat Wictor on filthy slide)  & there are story songs & road songs & bluesy songs & love songs… & as a bonus, I’m adding my biker song “Ride” produced by Ben Wisch (who won the grammy w/ Mark Cohn for “Walking in Memphis”



To hear a preview, click here & let me know what you think of

“Still Circling”





So... as soon as the CD's available, I'll be shouting & jumping on the Sky & hoping Y'All will consider buying a copy (& maybe another as a gift?)


& maybe Y’All can help spread the word...








(“Flamenco Fusion Band Extraordinaire ” from Spain) YAAAAY!



Well... what do you say when one of your absolute favorites... someone you consider to be 1 of the best, most talented all around musicians with one of the funkiest sounds out there calls & asks you to go on tour with his world class band as percussionist & vocalist???!


Yea- I cried! Really!


I met Sam Lardner & Barcelona when we were put together on a "Multicultural Music" workshop stage at Falcon Ridge Festival 2 yrs ago. We hit it off bigtime, & I ended up hooking up with them & opening for a show for them in Spain. I then watched them blow everyone's shoes off (cause folks were dancing so hard!) at Kerrville (Noel Paul Stookey of "Peter Paul & Mary had urged Dalis to bring them there).  I was overjoyed for them when Sam told me he was not only touring here this fall with the band, but was doing this brilliant grant project called "Oceans Are Talking"...



Sponsored by the "Oceans Foundation" & philanthropist Ann Leskey & endorsed by organizations like National Geographic... the band will be performing for arts centers & schools spreading the word about taking care of our fragile oceans. It's music, it’s art, it’s a mission & a message & I’m honored to be a part of this project as well as being part the “Sam Lardner & Barcelona” Band shows. Here are some of the dates (we’ll be performing almost every day, some dates aren’t entered yet, so check back! http://www.samlardner.com/calendar.html


As I said, I’ll be the band percussionist (love that flamenco groove!) & I’ll also be doing some vocals! Picture the Flamenco version of “The Gypsy Kings” ! (& then some!)









The stunningly beautiful feature length "fantasy/documentary" (featuring my music!!!) is about faeries (obviously), but it’s also about imagination, creativity, spirituality and healing the planet. Andy Corwin (of the Limeliters) directed and edited the film and co-produced it along with artist John Curtis Crawford & storyteller Bridget Wolfe.

Here’s the trailer to the movie & the link for the early special price of only $20 which gives you not only the movie, but a dvd on how to make a faerie house like the collectible art pieces John makes.








My dear musical sister, activist, friend, organizer, & giver to all, Anne just sent a note out with the shocking news that they found an 11 cm tumor in her lung (that’s about 4 inches) As a musician with minimal resources for health care & loss of work, she’s asking any who are able to donate $50 (absolutely no more) to send to her at:

Anne Feeney

2240 Milligan Ave

Pittsburgh  PA 15218


or you can send a donation via Paypal to getwellanne@annefeeney.com.



Please consider it if you can. Anne has spent her life fighting for us, so if we can help her now, that sure would be a return gift!




5- KATAHDIN 100- K100


My other wee bit of news is that for many of the past 18 years, I’ve had the privilege & honor of being part of the “K100”, the Penobscot Nation (of Indian Island, ME) annual Spiritual Gathering the 1st weekend in Sept. We run in relay 100 miles from the Rez to Mt Katahdin tracing the path of their ancestors. It’s a journey where we each ask for messages, guidance, strength. I always ask to be put on my path no matter how large or small or significant or insignificant it may seem. So far in life, I feel I’ve had a pretty wonderful journey & have been guided in ways that though enlightening & sometimes painful, have left me always giving thanks for my blessings… I will be once again ‘finding my way’ with my friends, but this year, it’s looking as if I may be able to be part of a 7 person canoe crew paddling 70 mi up the Penobscot River (bicycling 20 mi in the portage areas & then running 10 mi. up Abol (aka Ahole) hill at the end.  If I don’t get a message then… well I know I will. I always do. I’m excited & I’m pumped (& I’m pumping major iron!)


So between preparing the CD, practicing for the Sam gigs & training for the paddle, please wish me heath & wisdom & clarity… I’m hoping each of the 3 biggies in my upcoming life will bring me to sharing messages & passing torches we’re meant to share & pass & share & pass.





Last of all, please keep my friends in Pakistan in your thoughts & prayers. They have once again been struggling, this time due to horrific floods which have displaced millions. The medical team with whom I worked after the earthquake a few years ago have again mobilized and are working tirelessly to do all they can for victims. If I hear of a way to donate, I’ll let you know, so please stay tuned. (for those who’ve read the Book 3 Cups of Tea. A little love goes a long way!)





My CD's are as always available safely, securely, no fuss, no muss, at



Thankfully folks are still saying they're loving the music. (YAY!)







As always, I’m grateful to you all for being there

sharing your many bits of wisdom & inspiration.

Without Y’All, it would all be … very different.


rom the top & bottom of my heart!



Peace, Paz, Shalom, Namaste, Assalam o Alaikum, Pura Vida…



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