Wandering Gypsy Bike LESS Chick Brief Update

Hello Beautiful People Since so many of you asked for a brief report... & tuned into the Today Show hoping our group would get to talk about the plight of Foster & Adoptive Kids... We never made it to the show. I didn't have a ride. Yes- it was STOLEN In NY during the night, along with 2 other women's bikes. If any of you happen to see the beautiful Yellow & Purple Harley that used to be mine... :( (i'd say, watch out for it, there are photos at my website & part of me thinks someone will spot it & it'll be recovered, but that doesn't happen with bikes, it's already chopped up) I will still record my song "Ride" (& maybe I'll write another song called "Rideless") If I have any energy left. Peace, Joy, Hope, Annie the Disheartened (I know I do sound quite pitiful... sorry... you lose springback after a few hits)

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