Wandering Gypsy Bikerchick Update~ Sept. 2007

Hello Shiny Beautiful People! A last minute new development has popped up in my life, so I'll try to be brief... Talk about dichotomy... The story... There's a group of women bikers here in Maine (that would be motorcycles not bicycles), led by Sue Pollard, author of the book "The Alternate Survivor" who've decided to create awareness & raise money for children in Maine who struggle in foster homes... hoping & praying for adoption. There's just not enough money to support keeping them protected and finding them safe homes. They are the true survivors! So the group of 40 women bikers will be leaving Kittery Maine tomorrow (Sunday 9/9) & riding over 250 miles to New York's Madison Square Garden to grab front row seats on the Today Show Plaza (this Monday 9/10) and the organizers are also hoping to meet with Oprah after her show in hopes that she may be able to take up the cause of the plight of foster/hopeful adoptive children onto her busy plate. A great deal of money has been raised already- close to $100,000, much donated by small businesses in Maine, but if any of you know of any other folks who may want to contribute, here's the link to where you may make a small donation. (tax deductible of course!) I'll be on the ride & as always, hope a song will come from this amazing experience! Here's the link to the events... then you can click more to read about the Adoptive Foster Families of Maine & the entire event, & where to send a donation if you feel so inclined. http://www.mlachapelle.com/daretodream/index.html For those not in Maine, I know there are chapters in every state equally as in need! (& BTW~ The "Survivor" connection... Sue was last alternate for the show Survivor-Amazon, wrote a book about her experience/story related to that journey & became chummy with some of the folks who were on the show. They're helping her with this project/fundraising effort.) ~~~~ Other Brief Bits... Last weekend I had the honor & privilege of participating again in the Penobscott Indian's highest holiest annual spiritual journey... 100 mile relay from the reservation on Indian Island, ME to their sacred mountain, Mount Katahdin in Maine. It was as always an amazing journey... I think this was my 12th run. I ran 12 miles before my right knee decided I'd done enough... oh well... Larry rode 100 miles on his bicycle! & Dale ran about 18 mi. before his ankle fought back! I was the only woman, & only one on our (Dale's) team of 5 who wasn't a marathon runner, so I guess I did OK! After those running, bicycling & paddling up the river finished their journey, we sat around the ceremonial fire where many of the elders & young alike sang traditional songs in Penobscott & other Native languages. We danced & then afterwards began to tell stories about dreams & journeys. It was such a once in a lifetime experience & once again I was reminded about what we miss when we substitute possessions for simplicity... When I journey with the Penobscotts, I always asking for guidance & a "message for this year's journey", the light shined, as it does when you ask. I started thinking about all those who've given so much to me in life with no strings attached, just to be kind. Despite my occasional thoughts about "throwing in the towel" & hopping on the line of "takers", I've come to the realization that giving stirs the waters & creates a ripple effect. So this year's message... walk towards the light & don't give up... Keep trying & giving & change will come. ~~~~ My last bits of news... I have a few weeks off before a busy fall & winter music schedule. In that time I've decided to record my motorcycle/biker song "Ride" which so many people are loving (thanks folks!) with New York producer extraordinare, Ben Wisch http://www.benwisch.com/  who recorded, produced & won the grammy for Mark Cohen's killer song "Walking in Memphis". I just know Ben will help me get the perfect sound for the song. I'm also ecstatic about the musicians who will be joining me on the recording... The kick butt band "Swamp Cabbage" http://www.swampcabbage.com/  comprised of my buddy Walter Parks (Richie Havens guitarist) , Jagoda the percussion/drum wizard, & the last but not least member of their trio, bassist Mark Lindsey! I'll be pitching the song about for various projects and it will be available for download & with Tshirts once it's done, so stay tuned (& wish me luck!) That's about it for now. In a month or so I'll fill you in more on fall concerts ... BUT don't forget early bird tickets for Magfest! http://www.magmusic.com & I'll be returning to Monteverde/Santa Elena, Costa Rica for the Second Annual New Year's Extravaganza Beatles Tribute Concert at Bromillia's Amphitheater with my buddy Robert Dean & the rest of the absolutely brilliant band! To my dear friends in Pakistan & India, I am still hoping to return sooner than later! I'll let you know when the article about me & my thoughts on Peace through Music will be running in the "India Times". Sending special thoughts & prayers to my dear friends in Abbotobad Pakistan at the DMC! http://www.dmcrelief.com/ Many Thanks as Always for Your Love & Support Assalam-O-Alaikum, Namaste', Peace, Annie -- Annie Wenz http://www.anniewenz.com http://www.musicforyoga.org http://www.musicformassage.org http://www.myspace.com/anniewenz Performing Artist/ Songpoet/ RN/ Educator Player of Indigenous Flutes & Percussion Guitar, Piano & Harleys Sponsored by Island Flutes http://www.islandflutes.com/ Elixir Guitar Strings http://www.elixirstrings.com/ Rocky Mountain Slides http://www.rockymountainslides.com/ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ We're too tired to sleep, too wired to dance So we sway with the heavens in crystal blue trance We are naked & threadbare & tapping our feet We touch without touching & savor the heat... Annie~ "And We Wait" (on art & life & music) --------------------------------------------------

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