"Winds of the World" is now back on the shelves!

Hello Again Beautiful People... Winds of the World is now back on the wearehouse shelves. YAAAAY. AND CD Baby is just GREAT about sending them right out, so you can now go for it! Since many of you have asked... yes, I am an RN. This recording was part of a long and wonderful journey which began many years ago when I found myself playing flutes for my patients at the Westfield Area Mental Health Center Crisis Respite in Westfield, MA where I had the priviledge of working as Nursing Supervisor for about 13 years. I used music in conjunction with movement exercises, guided imagery and also aromatherapy with amazing success. As a songwriter and performing musician, I already had 2 recordings completed, but I hadn't yet recorded an all instrumental one. After much support and love from my colleagues, friends and music listeners, I finally produced "Winds of the World"... I am honored that many nurses, health care workers, hospice facilities, yoga and massage practitioners are using and recommending it... Many Thanks for Your support as well... Please email me with any questions or comments... And oh... last of all, I went to Pilgrim Psychiatric Center School of Nursing in New York! YAAAAY. Be Well, Annie

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